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Given your description I would do a developmental evaluation/get a ped's perspective on these issues.  Did he go through autism screening at age 2?    I wouldn't wait to do early intervention.  Dietary intervention is great, but other interventions could be of help here too.  
There is no "one" cause of autism - there are many!   Tylenol is a bad drug.  We are a no tylenol house.  Also linked to asthma.   Lowers glutathione.  Not good for anyone, especially not good for kids on the spectrum or predisposed to being on the spectrum   Dr Bob Sears also says not to give this around vaccines - I don't remember the details but it's in one of his books.
I think in kids predisposed to autism, food allergies/leaky gut may "tip them over" into autism.. but once you stop the offending food (and I do recommend that) aspects of the autism may remain, long term, or , alternately, just until the gut heals enough for the symptom(s) to dissipate. My son has been GFCF for about 3.5 years.. diet has been one of his most successful treatments. There are also "autism-s" .. the food allergy/leaky gut version may be one .. where other...
a friend of mine used care.com and sittercity.com If you want to find someone AP signing up for Frederick's attachment parenting international chapter email list might be a good start and then asking there
Hi! I think we met at LLL way back (Grant's mom)   I recommend http://www.centerofthefourwindsstudio.com/index.htm#rose   or http://therapists.psychologytoday.com/rms/name/Alicia_Barmon_MA,LPC,LCPC,CYT_Frederick_Maryland_52611   I know both of these people :)   Take good care of you!  Good for you for seeking out someone who supports your instincts.
THANK YOU Dr. Bob.  From the bottom of my heart - as the mom of a child with ASD - I'm sure you hear this many times a day but thank you for all that have done and continue to do.  Thank you for writing about DSM5.   also thank you for the thoughts on GI.  We are in this process now, adjusting supplements and testing for yeast, etc.  We may move on to GI if necessary and I think we've got a local name now and maybe can avoid having to travel to Krigsman.
Hi Dr Sears   If you have a child in your practice that is not vaccinated but is autistic, does that change your vaccination recommendation - do you recommend vaccinating that child?   Saw a DAN! dr recently who seemed to be recommending vaccinating - I was confused   I realize biomed drs probably have differences on many things.. maybe I didn't realize this was one of them. I am interested in your thoughts.   My gut says it's not a good idea for my kid -...
Hi Dr. Bob,   What are your thoughts on proposed changes to DSM re: PDD-NOS/Autism/Aspergers diagnosis?   Second Question: When you have a child with autism in your practice with chronic GI issues (constipation, in our case), when do you refer to a gastroenterologist? What do you try first?  Who do you refer to (is it a particular GI?)  If my child is recommended to have an endoscopy/colonoscopy, what do I need to know about general anesthesia - I thought I had...
Was just poking around the askdrsears website and came across this   http://www.askdrsears.com/topics/vaccines/government-cdc-may-do-research-vaccine-safety   Do you know if the gov't has started any of that research?   also - unrelated - I also saw on the askdrsears website that separate MMR was coming back in 2011 - is that true?
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