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Hi guys, I want to keep my placenta after my c section to either plant or encapsulate. I will be in a hospital in NC, does anyone have any experience with this especially from my state? By law do they have to give it to me???
Hi guys! I am 31 weeks pregnant with my third child. I am having a c section in January, not vaccinating, declining everything, delaying bath so her skin can absorb the vernix etc, ect... When I spoke with my OB he said that while he was ok with everything, he just wanted to make sure that I knew that CPS would have to be alerted to my declining the erythromycin eye ointment.  I live in NC and didn't know if anyone else had experienced this and do they really call or...
Yep, My MIL "slips up" all the time saying "come to mama", or "let mama get it" refering to herself...Grrrrr. Along with kissing my dd and ds on the lips ALL THE TIME. Drives me crazy!
Thanks for all of your concerns. I did talk to the ta last night on the phone after I called our principal (Who I know well) and let him know what was happening. He completely had my back, telling me that I had every right as a parent to be upset. My biggest concern was the fact that she had her hands in my dd's mouth without gloves!!!! I was also concerned for the ta in the fact that she or the school system COULD be sued, especially if something were to happen to the...
Let me start by saying that I also work at my daughter's public elementary school. I am a TA for first grade in the classrooms across from her first grade room. I like the school we're at, never had any problems, other than her teacher gives waaaaaay too much seatwork (I am a Montessori teacher at heart.) and dd complains of being bored... With that being said, I am ALWAYS around, and like to keep a watchful eye on what's going on. So, this morning dd came into my...
I feel so terrible. We were at a get together last night at a close friend's house. There were 2-3 other couples with young children there that we ALWAYS are with. We were ready to serve the kids dinner and I couldn't find my dd. Our other friend couldn't find her ds who is 6 as well. We called for them upstairs and down not finding them anywhere. Then I went into the guest room downstairs and there they were coming out of the closet...in the dark. Whe I asked them what...
This kind of illness must be going around. My ds who is two has had a fever since Sat night. It shot up to 104.5 Sunday and I took him in to see the Dr. They couldn't find a thing wrong...No strep, not the flu, did the finger prick etc. etc. He said it was just a virus. He seems to be feeling better today :-) Hope you feel better soon!
lol, he is 35 lbs not 15!
We are looking at the same thing for our 2 yo ds. He is about 15 lbs and has outgrown his Britax. We just can't afford another Britax either so this one really caught our attention. I like that it has an extended rear facing lbs and he can ride in it for a while. I am not a fan of boosters and really like the 5 point s better. We are both teachers and have to wait until school starts and we get another paycheck to get him one
Thanks guys, I guess in "they" I mean our government or theirs I just haven't ever traveled overseas and wasn't sure what the guidelines for vaxes were.
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