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Thatd be great. I am especially interested in finding someone who will release the baby early and well!
Any tips for who is really good and supportive to see? For both mom, and someone who releases babies quickly from the hospital?
Anyone know anything about her or have any experience with her? She's listed online as a homebirth Cnm in ft Collins.
Quote: Originally Posted by Momma Aimee everyone ready for fall???? Yes! We started first week in August, so we're on week 3 already. This year we are using: Le Francais Facile for French Math Mammoth Singapore Primary Math Rod and Staff English R&S Spelling SOTW 1 WTM science Artistic Pursuits
We're using Singapore and Math Mammoth and I really love the combo!
Quote: Originally Posted by bellabear Hi! I'm wanting to get an online math course for dd. I've heard good things about Mammoth Math and Aha Math. Any opinions? Thanks so much, Michelle Math Mammoth isn't really online- you buy the PDFs and then print them to use. Time4Learning has math that is fully online, I believe.
Reading: Ordinary Parents Guide to Teaching Reading - We have just a couple of lessons left and then it'll just be independent reading. Math: Singapore 1a/1b and Math Mammoth Handwriting: We finished Cursive First and now just spot correct letter issues in other writing. Spelling: Rod and Staff Spelling 2 Writing & Grammar: Rod and Staff's English 2- Preparing to Build Science: Rod and Staff's science 2 and nature study History: Story of the World 1 and Activity...
I really like the HiG- I'm a really orderly person and it lays it all out and tells you which lessons and lesson parts are most important.
Quote: Originally Posted by J2 Which math counts like this ?? 11 "one-ten-one" 12 "one-ten-two" If it is Singapore, which I am considering Singapore or Math Mammoth, then is this type of counting odd? When do they make the switch over to regular counting? I hear a homeschool mom say that her older daughter still wants to count like that, instead of saying "eleven, twelve". Does Math Mammoth count like this? Or is it some completely other...
Quote: Originally Posted by rootzdawta Hi everyone. I'm starting classical homeschooling in the fall. I'm kind of nervous, worried I'll be overwhelmed but it's so appealing to me. I'm looking at curriculums now starting with math and trying to go about it step by step. Found this thread through a search for Saxon math. I thought I'd subscribe and come back to read the whole thread. It can seem overwhelming, but it all comes together really...
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