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Ok thanks for the info I might go ahead and try it out.
I had read somewhere on here that vinegar will eat away at the parts inside the dishwasher. any one have any info on that I would love to just use it but I do not want to ruin my dishwasher.
me too :
i like California baby also but we didn't use soap on our 1st till she 18 months and the second is only 7 months and still soap free we use olive oil for lotion.
I know this is a old thread but what a cool idea and I would also like to know if any one has used this pattern .
Thanks for the advice so far ladies I also think the breastfeeding has some to do with it but I am also not willing to change my breastfeeding relationship I have sooo loved tandem nursing. I might have to check out that cream it is all just strange I love him and I am attracted to him it is just crazy LOL
Happy Birthday!!! Ok ladies this is going to be a total me post but I do not know where else to go and I know I have not been here much and am sorry. ok so hubby and I have DTD like maybe 5 times since Sadie was born I just have no drive at all none I feel so awful and when we do do it I really really have a hard time getting into it I just have strange feelings about it it is almost like I feel like I should not be doing it. My hubby says I just think of my self as...
For my daughter on her 1st b-day she wasn't eating hardly any soilds so I didn't want to do cake so I just took a banana and sliced it and stacked it up like a little cake she loved it the plan is to make that the tradition for all the kids.
We have been thinking about getting one we stayed at a hotel last week that had them and we all slept sooo good me,hubby, 2 year old and 2 month old although the 2 month old was in the co sleeper some of the time and it did feel alot bigger the our king at home. But I am worried about the chemicals in it so I need to be checking that out.
Holy cow I am way behind I thought oh i will just wait and catch up when the august thread starts LOL I am already behind I will try to catch up in the next few days. We are doing good here I can not believe it has been 2 months since Sadie was born and almost a month since Sarah turned 2 it has been crazy as you all know. I will post more later but I have a quick question Sadie has had goopy eyes since right after she was born I was pret sure it was plugged tear...
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