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  Talk to me about hair loss on VLCD!
I did shrimp and blended a tomato and Horseradish to make cocktail sauce. It was Yummy! I really am enjoying the shrimp.  
e-mail or call the company?
 Ok that post is a blinking mess but I am leaving it up if that is ok to show a point.    I know nothing.    I had everything but my send veggie for the day and some how I am still over 100cals short for the day! Not hungry, but Craving bad!    Did I do something wrong?
        We recommend that you get at least 8 cups of water a day. Click the arrows to track the amount of water you have...
 Anything wrong with eating cold shrimp every day for lunch?
 I thought it was protocol that one must eat the 500 a day OR the apple day? Did I understand that wrong? I remember it saying many feel full on the 500cals and feel like they can't but that they need to?    Learning so much here! Thank you ladies!  
Sadly our adventure with ducklings will be rather short! We plan on keeping them for the first week and then returning them to the farm and their farm Mama to raise as we live on a military post and are not allowed to have farm animals. We figure it is for science at this point so no one will say much. I need to figure out a good make shift brooder for that first week and get some food for them as well. The farm lady says most people can't deal with the messy little...
 We keep trying and we keep failing! My oldest is 11 and still has not gotten them and we have tried time and time again. They have just been had contact with pox again and even though baby is 9 months I feel comfortable with them all getting it right now. Some how I highly doubt it will happen simply because it has yet to happen. Chances are it will strike when we are least ready and not expecting it of course!
 I had vaccine reactions as a child and spent more time than I care to remember in the hospital because of them. High fevers that went on for weeks after getting shots but while that was in my record my mother said no one would actually SAY that it was a reaction to vaccinations....  I think I knew as a child that I would question all vax for any children I had as I never would wish it on anyone.
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