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I didn't know about D-Mannose.  Thanks for sharing that tip. 
Counting and reading are going well and age appropriate.  She's also doing better than some of her typical peers in her classroom in both subjects.  :)
If a person has an MTHFR mutation and the classic 3 legs of the stool that indicate a need for supplementing BH4 such as an MTHFR 1298C mutation, a CBS mutation, and bacteria and aluminum  shown on past lab results, how can you increase the BH4? I know BH4 is sold in Europe, but if you live in the USA, how do you get it and how do you increase the BH4 if you have these three mutations?  Thanks mamas!  
We've had private speech and we've had speech therapists at school.  Some years the school therapist is far better than the private speech therapist.  We have a great SLP this year at school so we completely dropped the private speech.  
I couldn't read this and not post.  You write so eloquently about such a difficult subject matter.   I pray there will be a good treatment for CF very soon.  
DD has a regular pencil with a special gripper on it that gives her more sensory input as she writes.  The school's Special Ed teacher created it just for her (the teacher is pretty creative!).   My DD's OT teacher also helps with writing issues by looking for ways to improve legibility.   DD actually likes writing and has improved with OT help and modifications.  Does your daughter have an IEP?  Sorry, I'm not familiar with your story.  
I love this thread too.  Bumping it up for more happy updates.   
When we did the ADOS in the past, the evaluator spent some time playing with DD.  They did a variety of age appropriate play activities.  The second part involved me answering all sorts of questions about DD's skills, habits, behaviors, etc.  The entire process took a few hours.  
I'm glad you're one step closer to getting more answers.  I'm a big fan of getting free evaluations.   :)
  This is so true.  Rose - I'm sorry your mom said that.  That was unnecessary and hurtful.  I have a mother that sometimes says things like that.  She doesn't have a filter.   
New Posts  All Forums: