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horses are tested after every single race for drugs. If you are caught drugging a horse you will be off the race track for a certain amount of time.....but there are some crazy wealthy folks who don't care and will "run the legs off a horse"...but most all horse people would care for their horses above and beyond their own kids.......as my childhood memories recall, lol. Truthfully... racehorses are treated crazy good for most of their lives... and then.. girls...
a sad story that happens more then you think. I am sorry. Tricia
I had a child free wedding. at the time I just saw other peoples kids as little brats...Ill behaved, noisy and obnoxious. I did permit nursing babies and went so far as to prepare a quiet room if a mother needed to nurse or rock a baby. But kids I didn't want there. Two families brought kids...and as I predicted those kids were annoying. They were interruptive and irritating. I think many parents want their children to be accepted by adults but then raise their...
If it feels like a bad latch but the latch looks fine.... You said it is with the initial latch on that is what sounded familiar to me..... Sounds like something i have had in the past and a midwife whipped up a batch of jack newmans breastfeeding cream/ointment..... That stuff will cure nearly everything quickly. You can google for the ration/recipe. I would bet it would do the trick. Tricia
oh GURRRRL i know! we have 5 days left (if that) and even though we will keep on keeping on...it is such a relief to have that "responsibility" hanging over my head. Then we can just relax and learn. Tricia
Quote: Originally Posted by AmandaMom Just remember: attractive people often come from not-so-attractive parents. This fo sho
WOW...I would NEVER be okay with this as routine....especially without asking me "have you seen any adhesions?"...then after saying yes or no... we may discuss such actions. as you can see from my signature.. I have had many children in and out of this country and many places (with many docs and peds)...AND this has NEVER happened. Like I said..without asking me first I would be insanely uncomfortable with this.] Tricia
we had this request. We just put two toddler beds together and put toys on it...then took a pic of our play room. (we were adopting kids over 2) So I would set up any type of baby bed in a corner with some generic idea of baby stuff surrounding it. I was given the impression it was more about the adopting parents then it was about anything else. Tricia
My whole life we used milk. But for the past year I make it with tons of coconut oil and water. I make it super thick and then serve it with yogurt....my kids act like it is cake. I probably would never go back to making it with milk...this way works out so well...plus we only ever use Raw milk and I hate to cook it. Tricia
Jusst because you became a parent doesn't mean anyone has to respect the way you parent. I think your friend sounds like any general person who hasn't had a baby yet. You would be writing this same post if you were NOT waldorf and were a coke guzzling...m&m poppin... Disney watchin mom....Your friend would be sneaking your kids carrots when you weren't looking. IT will always be something. If you are secure in your choices and think that you are providing a...
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