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I am tearing up! That is sooo beautiful. thoroughly juiced! I love it, love it. thank you so much for sharing that with us - how magical!
Please post!~ We'd love to read it! At least let SoHappy write it out for us, if you must be so modest! huge congratulations - what a beautiful acomplishment!
Thank you guys so much for not thinking I'm a wacko! This is exactly the tone I was hoping for, you guys are the best! Blueridgewoman - I also loved the Devil in the Babbit series, he was so funny! And I think he represents some of my worst qualities (impatience, greed, thinking you're smarter than you are...) NM- I think you are onto something! I also am less inclined to believe in a Devil that physically has a body and a short temper, but is perhaps a little...
ditto what abimommy said - my thoughts exactly besides I like oogling how many posts mamapie has, it always astounds me! no offense intended at all - I think its super cool! (its not like I have a life anyway)
OK, I hope this isn't going to be too much of a downer or a weird question. I also don't want to have this turn into a spooky thread - if thats possible. I'm really not into gory stuff at all, I mean this more in a philosophical vein. Actually there's no question in particular - just sort of open to discussion and ideas. The book I'm reading has been hinting for some chapters that one of the characters is in fact the devil, although this is pretty weird because it...
Irishmommy - come back & post yours! I'm sure I'm not the only one who loves a good light book (or sometimes can't get my brain around anything but trash!) I have a huge weakness for mysteries - of the cozy Martha Grimes type, not the gory horror type.
kama - I'm with you! I was thinking - hmmmm...nope no books on the bedside table, now that we're co-sleeping! So not literally - but I am reading: The Club Dumas - by Arturo Perez-Reverte - my dad left me with a stack of his books and they are good. The jacket says "think of The Club Dumas as a beach book for intellectuals." If you enjoyed Name of the Rose by Eco, then you'll like his stuff - the best one so far (they are not a series) is The Seville Communion. I...
OMG what a cutie!!!!! Your Juliana is adorable! And your garden ain't bad either!
OM - too cool! Sacred Basil - I love it! Basil is always sacred though - am I right? A friend's granddaughter draw her a picture when she was about 6, it had a plant with hearts all around it and she wrote "Do you want Bazil?" What can I say - we love our basil! Good luck - mamapie - what nice gift! I'm so jealous you have it year round! Did you really have taunt us with that????
I'm going to wing this - and may (likely) get some facts wrong, so I'll be willing to be corrected. But N fixing isn't the plant itself but the microbes that coexist with them, usually in the roots. Its not limited by any means to legumes, although most (if not all - I don't know) legumes are N fixing. There are trees that are N fixing, I know that for sure, since we tried to promote their use by farmers in Africa (when I was inthe Peace Corps.) Hope that helps - I'm...
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