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Whew - I want to suggest freezing your herbs if you are intending to use them in cooking at all - or just freezing part? The flavor stays so much more vivid and fresh. We took off the leaves and froze them in plastic baggies and then just take out what we need to use. So yummy! As for the book - I have to admit to not digging it - or any of hers...sorry! I think they are such a huge bummer. Didn't it just haunt you - esp when this stuff with the Taliban started to...
I don't know photopoint - but the picturetrail site is free and very easy - it uploads from your computer jpegs, etc.
I love strolling your gardens! SoHappy - I love your tub & curtains - so cool! I love the swing, that looks so comfy and mellow, I'd really love to sip some tea and hang out with you there, thanks for posting! Justwondering - those ar enice pictures! I love that your house is buried in wisteria (is that right? thats how it seemed from the photo - I love it!) The mailbox is beautiful! http://www.picturetrail.com/alisonnpaul - check out the "in the garden" album, we...
I know it sounds bad but its not! We used that a few years back - from this wonderful co. here in the states. http://www.superseeds.com/Covercrops.htm I'm not sure what to say about it, it was very easy to grow and is supposed to be N fixing, it was easy to turn under and didn't give us a weed problem. Our soil has been a work in progress and we were going away for a grwoing season so it was the obvious solution. I'm sure it helped! Good luck!
Wow - I didn't realize it was the same director. We actually haven't seen Amores perros - and we were in mexico when it came out! It was a huuuge deal there and some of our friends demanded we see it before we left, and others told me they were nauseous from all the violence, and to never see it! Spanish is not our first language, so we decided that we'd wait to see it subtitled in the US, and so far haven't rented it, but want to. Now I'm all the more excited to...
I rarely get really excited about seeing a movie in the theater but I want to see this one. A friend told me she went with her dh and dd (in college) and it was very uncomfortable for them. A little too steamy to be sitting there as a family. That shouldn't be a problem for us - we'd probably just see it as a couple, so steamy is OK
Out here you can buy it in bags at the garden store (made locally) or else you can bring your own shovel and container (trunk of your car?) to a commerical organic garden. Look around - I bet you can find some. I've bought it because when we moved here we had no compost generated yet, and even now we don't quite meet our composting needs. You can also check and see if any horse farms, etc give away manure.
Wow it sounds amazing - and the photos are great Chanley, very neat and organized, its very beautiful! I wish I could have gone, I love things like that, too bad yours is so far. The place near us that I love http://www.prherbfarm.com/ has some festivals too - maybe you can steal some ideas they do a garlic festival as well as herbs!
After I posted I found an awesome website - (there are some real daffodil fanatics in the world!) with a list of about 8 reasons why they might not bloom and I think I found mine - since they are 2 years old (planted in the fall of 2000) what I think I'm experiencing is some sort of climate shock. They said that the first year they can bloom well just on what was stored up and then the subsequent year you see the affect of the stress from storage, transporting, and...
Daylily - that sounds so gorgeous! I'm so jealous, if you don't watch it, the next time we visit one of my best friends (in Earlysville) we're going to invade - to see your garden!
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