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wow snow - that does sound beautiful! We tend to be disorganized gardeners so things aren't too much in rows anyway, but I do think this year I'm going for maximum spacing. We had problems last year with peppers being shaded by our tomatos - so we're going to try and space those out too. We've done marigolds in the veggie garden and basil but I like your idea of more varieties and petunias - I would never have thought of that! (I don't care for either myself - no...
OK - not so much a "diggin' in the earth" type question but a farmin' one! We are not at all ready to do this, but I was just wondering - where do you get 'em? What age? How much do they cost? In order to raise one for milk, do you have to breed it and then can you share the milk with the baby? I'm just wondering if this is worth dreaming about. Please feel free to share any stories!
I think you'd enjoy this story! I've been thinking about bike commuting again - we only live 8 miles from my work and although I'd have to get up earlier to ride in, I feel so lame that I drive. My boss recently started bike commuting, so now I'm all the more fired up about it (esp since its spring!) So I was talking to pie_poppa last night about getting my bike geared up. I have a new semi recumbant and the tubes, etc are all in different arrangements and I don't...
Quote: Originally posted by Parthenia [B DH and I publish a local arts and literature 'zine and I write incendiary columns that compel 70 year old Buddhist women to send me hate mail accusing me of raising my daughter to be an anti-war peacenik Quaker (which according to hate mail sender is a bad thing). [/B] Oh yeah, just another cycle in the Buddhist-Quaker wars! How bizarre! Must be really incendiary stuff you're writing!
Quote: Originally posted by laralou I forgot to add that my all time childhood dream was to be a contortionist in the circus. I am double jointed in my arms, shoulders and jaw. I used to be dj in my legs but I am less flexible now. Ummm.... freaky. I still am not sure I wanted to know that about you Miss Lou.
Thanks guys! Now I'm so happy, too! I can't wait to get these in the ground - I missed out last summer as I was waaay to preggo to bend over (let alone care.) Now its like a logic puzzle trying to keep good guys together and bad guys apart - I'll see how many mistakes I've made in past years!
For lack of a better way to ask - I know there are plants that benefit from growing near each other - but are there some that would be deterimental to one another? We are planting: Beets Bush Beans Spinach Potatoes Tomatoes Sweet Peppers Poblano Chiles Shallots Radishes Strawberries For perrenials we have asparagus and rhubarb in the beds already (2 raised beds.) Any thoughts on how to arrange this bunch?
Sorry Mamapie that things have you blue. I hate to jump in here with my CV, but I wrote it before (I'm at work) and I let somebody else use the computer and the darn thing crashed. Its been kind of a sh*tty day here anyway. So I'll rewrite my story - I've really loved reading about all the various roads folks have travelled here. Its so neat that we've all converged with our paths. I'm a lab tech in a genetics research lab at the big state university here. I've...
Daylily - Seamus' are supposed to be really spirited (devilish) boys! Better watch out! Katt - I like Asher, too - it means "happy," its biblical, I forget who named their son that, one of the "co-wives" of Leah, I think. I've always loved Diego, which since our last name ends in O, we are not likely to ever use for ourselves! My dad's middle name is Caleb, which I love, but its becoming more popular, I hear. I knew a woman named Cedar, who was a littel...
They are soo important! I'm going to start a new thread on this because I think its so important, there was some bad news about mammographies in the news today, all the more reason to do your self exams! (Don't want to side track this thread! - Lisamarie thanks for giving us all the wonderful reminder!)
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