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Thank you for the welcome! Kirsten, I agree with you about Levi not really going with my kids' names. I like the name, but something just doesn't settle right with me, and that's probably it.
I just thought I would introduce myself here. I am Amy, 24yo SAHM. My children are Will (5/12/99) and Abby (3/30/01). My new baby is due to arrive on August 29th. We are very excited. I am really torn about finding out the sex of the baby. With my other 2 children, my instincts told me what they were and I turned out correct but this time around I am clueless and it's driving me bonkers. I know I won't end up finding out, I think I would probably kick myself...
Before DD came along, I allowed DS to make our schedule. He slept when he wanted to and that worked great for him. However, when DD was born, things changed, because she seemed to thrive better on routines. I wouldn't say I was strict about them, but they were infact routines that made bedtime and everything, in general, easier. Now that she is older, we have fallen into a routine, but it was mostly her setting it. She generally wakes between 8 and 9am. Naps...
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