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I can really relate. I had a HBA2C last November and uterine rupture was the one thing that kept creeping into my mind. These are the things I did to help me. First I kind of lived through a uterine rupture in my mind. Like how I would deal with the situation, what would happen. I asked my midwife what her plan would be. Think through what my worst fear coming true would be like. If that makes sense. It really helped me get past it. I moved on. Then when it would creep...
Congratulations!!! Isn't it the most empowering feeling of all! Enjoy your baby and the much easier recovery
For my c-section I brought in a cd of calming music for them to play during the operation and then asked if my baby could either stay with me or be brought into recovery with me. They usually keep you in recovery for 30-60 minutes depending how your surgery went. That's just my experience though. I wrote out a birth plan for my c-section of all the things I wanted. Good luck I'm thinking of you
Hi there I had a question about these. I saw a baby yesterday with one and then found out some info about them and they sound really neat. Does anyone have one of these and what do you think? Also where do you buy them? I put it in my search engine but the websites were in Europe. Thanks!
My dd sounds a lot like this. She's just about 8 months old. Does he crawl yet? That has helped my dd out a lot but still she gets bored really easy. I think one of my saving graces is that she has an older brother and sister that enterain her a bit too. So between the three of us it keeps her pretty happy. Are there any young children in your neighborhood or that you know that could come over? What seems to help now is to plan an outing between naps to keep her busy....
I agree too! You're an excellent canidate. I'm not 40 but had a successful HBA2C with an amazing and incredibly supportive midwife. The funny part is when I started interviewing providers I wasn't even considering a homebirth. Then when I did, I met with my midwife and NEVER wanted to see her again. She brought up a lot of issues and was no nonsense and I left crying. My husband said, "That's the one" and I looked at him like he was crazy. But I learned a lot and had to...
Hey it was a serious question
That's what I was thinking. It's just so sad to see her getting hurt so often. I know it won't be long before she gets the strength and coordination to not have so many falls. It's just hard to watch.Thanks for the replies. That made me laugh VernaBloom, I wish it was
Hi, I wanted your opinion on helmuts for babies. My dd is 7 months old and just started to crawl. She really likes to crawl on the hardwood floors but is falling and hitting her head a lot. My dh thinks we should get a helmut for her. What do you all think and what have you done? We've never had a helmut for our other dc but we've also never had hardwood floors either. Thanks!
Thanks quietserena that would be great I'm glad to hear everyone likes them so much. It makes it a little easier to spend that much $.
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