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Me too!  This thread is giving me the itch!
On the Beach The Stand  
I LOVE your (redheather) tone and agree with your point of view.  My DD is surfing through the beginnings of puberty right now.  It feels as sacred as my labor with her.  I love it and I love her and I love being a woman.  
Loving this inspirational thread!   -Lived on a sailboat as child, sailed around the Caribbean and was home schooled, we used to go months without wearing shoes -accidentally caught a purple octopus while fishing and had to free the basketball-sized fellow, helped my brother free an accidentally caught baby hammerhead shark -ate grilled sea cucumber (most foul, hideous, greasy food EVER) -parasailing -Bruce Willis was sitting at a table next to mine at Hard...
Rereading Game of Thrones series again.  It is a joy to read George R. R. Martin's words, characters, trickery, mystery, sex, intrigue and the human experience.  I am amazed how well he portrays women and personalities. My best reads lately are The Sparrow, Wolf Hall, and Love Walked In.  This thread has sent me off to the library website for some Inter Library Loaning!  
Hello Yooper mamas!  Long time, no chat, eh?  
The Passage was pretty good too.
I am working on dd#3's baby book (at last, she's five!). Do you continue on with the focused books about each child, or work on "family" books?  If family, who gets them when you die?  How morbid am I today?
I'm with you, I am a big feeler and can see things from many points of view at once
I am very much in the learning phase of trying to understand about how homosexuals are viewed by the church.  I attend a church where 50% of the congregation believe that homosexuality is wrong period and that there should be no gay clergy or gay marriage.  The other 50% think that we're all sinners and God loves us all, and frankly they are angered that homosexuals have been marginalized for so long.   Is is possible that Christians don't like gays because it's an...
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