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Thanks Carrin, I did check out Target and even sent out family members to their local targets and everyone is out. I found a few online so I guess I'll snap those up before they're gone too!
Thanks for all the good ideas. I'm off to Amazon to check some of the books out. Tomorrow I'll check the local library. Asking you guys is so much easier than searching the internet!
Thanks guys. I have a ton of prefolds as that's all we used with DD #1 and I never even thought about using them in these Fuzzi Bunz! Duh, I'll just blame it on mama brain. Anyway, I started using them with the prefolds today and they work great-yay! I'm going to check out some of the other suggestions as well and see what works best.
I want to order a couple of the straw version for my girls but almost everywhere (including Thermos themselves) are out of stock until June/July. I found a couple of online stores that have some available but thought I'd check here before I order. If anyone sells these and have them in stock please PM so I can support another MDC WAHM!
What do ou guys use as inserts with your Fuzzi Bunz? We have been very lucky with our second daughter as a friends has lent us her entire collection of FB from her daughter. We have just begun to outgrow the Small and have gotten the Medium from our friend. They are keeping their inserts as they still fit in the Large for their daughter. I've gotten some leaking with pee with the FB and am wondering if I should try a different insert since I have to get new ones...
Does anyone have a book they would recommend as a good guide for natural living and cleaning? I know there are loads of websites and I've gotten tons of great ideas from this thread but I'd like to have a good resource on hand that I can look things up in easily at home. TIA
Monkey Beanz kidz stuff from Thailand A family business with a fair trade focus We are making room for our new summer clothing line arriving in a few weeks and clearing out our inventory at amazing prices. Check out the samples sale for monster savings on a great summer wardrobe for your kids - everything is under $20!!! WOW!! Monkey Beanz joins the two cultures of our family as we create and select unique children's clothes and toys that help support...
Thanks for the opinions. I feel a bit more confident about beginning to post as both of you pretty much mirrored what I was feeling the most comfortable with. Let the blogging begin!!
This seems rather silly to be asking about but I am so new to the world of blogging that I thought I'd gather some wisdom from you guys. I set up a blog that links to our site and so far have just posted some previews of our new summer clothing line that will be out. My brother, who is also my marketing and PR man, told me to just start posting, at least once a day about lots of different things that might get people interested. How loosely related to the business do...
My 3.5 year old gets Ladybug and Babybug and has been for about a year. She loves getting them in the mail (everyday I go out to check the mail she is standing by my side bouncing with excitement to see if there is anything for her). The stories are fairly simple or her now but she still loves them and we reread them all. Plus my 1 year old has now taken over the collection and drags them over to be read to her so we are getting good recycle value out of them! Oh and I...
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