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I've been putting off replacing my glasses and was going to set aside b-day money for it. I also had no idea these sites existed. I'm going to make DH spend the evening looking for glasses with me! Thanks for the info.
Another thing to be aware of - your report may be different at each of the 3 main companies. They each use their own methods for determing how the score (not the FICO score) is determined and some place more or less importance on various aspects of your history. Also some companies report to some of the three but not all so don't assume that everything will be on all three. I just had to deal directly with all three companies to have some false accounts removed. One...
I can't stand all the bubble gum, candy flavored toothpastes for kids out there. The closest thing to a somewhat "refreshing" tasting toothpaste is Tom's of Maine orange mango. DD has been using it for years and has never complained. We also tried the silly strawberry once when the store was out of the other and she liked that as well.
Thanks for talking me through this hera! I am always looking for some validation when it comes to computer/website decisions. I feel much better now - I like simplified solutions!
Okay, now that I am dreaming of magento but living in reality with zencart, I have a follow up question. We just completed our first big wholesale order with a local store (yay!) and since she is local she just e-mailed me her order, I sent her the invoice and she sent a check. Is there any reason I can't just do a similar transaction for potential wholesalers? The way I'm thinking it would go like this: we have a link on the site for a contact e-mail concerning...
Wow, just checked out some of the info and reviews of magento and wish I had it! Anyone know what goes into the process of switching programs? Is it just not worth the hassle? Aargh, I love starting this business but dread every little computer "issue" that comes along!
As far as I can tell, the group pricing option only works if all your wholesale products are a uniform discount - is that true? Is there an option to offer different discounts for different products? There is some kind of download that I read about in the zencart forum for dual pricing - is that what you used, kokonutmama, with the separate cart? My site designer also suggested creating a different cart at mydomain.com/wholesale but said it would cost about $350 to do...
Anyone out there use zencart or know about the setup? I am trying to figure out the easiest way to set it up for doing wholesale orders. Does it go through the regualar shopping cart process or is there some other way to creat wholesale orders? TIA
We are beginning to really get into wholesale now and I want to put together an official wholesale price list/info to send to store owners. Does anyone know of anyplace that has samples of this kind of thing? What do you guys use to give people who are interested in wholesaling your products? Can anyone give me a list of the main bits you include? Thanks!
Thanks all. I set up something really simple. I figure I will probably keep playing with it a bit and maybe at some point have someone really customize it. But at least it is something there for people to read about our trip and "The Making of Monkey Beanz '08!"
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