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I just submitted my site to Google but now have to verify it by either uploading an html file or adding a meta tag to the home page. Problem is I don't know how to do either and am scared of screwing up the site! I use zencart and can do the meta tags for all pages excpet the home page. My web designer did it and I'm not sure how to get into that part. Any advice, words of wisdom from other zencarters?
no ideas? is there somewhere else I could post this?
Nora'smama, Can I ask why you don't do the ones you decided against? Also, why 2 of the Dtap? I delayed everything with our 2nd dd but got exhausted trying to figure it out and dealing w/ doc pressure. We have done several rounds of a few but I'm questioning them again. I could use some info from other well researched mamas!
I'm trying to start going gluten/yeast free (mostly sugar free as well if I can) due to my own food allergies. I tried this for a few months back in college per doctors orders and felt a million times better, healthier etc. but couldn't make it last at that stage of life. Now that I have a family and life is so busy I know that I need to do everything to get myself feeling better. So I really want to make the permanent lifestyle change for myself. I remember the...
I'm sure this has been discussed but for some reason my search is giving me errors when I try it. Does anyone have any recommdations for books about eating/living gluten free and/or yeast free. I'm looking for cookbooks but also any good books about the diet/reasons for it in general as well. I know I have food allergies and am trying to finally tackle this problem and get myself to a healthier place. I know from past experience that the beginning is the hardest -...
Hi all, Can anyone recommend a book/website that has a comprehensive list of some basic household cleaners you can make yourself and what goes in them? I've recently becomed obsessed with the powers of baking soda and would love to see some other natural cleaning magic! TIA.
Thanks kokonutmama. I am pretty sure you're right so I think I am just going to take the plunge and go with positive thinking that everything is in working order! Thanks, I needed the vote of confidence!
No one? I'm not trying to get a freebie - happy to pay for whatever the time is! Thanks again.
Hi all, I am so ready to go live with our site and start promoting. I really need someone who is familiar with zen cart to help me out with some final things. I have our SSL and merchant account but integrated these after we had done all the design/integration done and I'd like someone who is much more computer savvy than me to do a run through and make sure the security aspects of those are in place - hope that makes sense. Also, there are a couple of things that I...
The font is currently the biggest PIMA as for some reason I now can not seem to get the policies page to not be in bold and the font sizes are either that really small one (which I totally agree is too small) or one that is readable but I think looks ridiculously large. I'm hoping my website design company can help me out cuz nothing I do seems to make much difference and I don't know enough to figure it out! I think I'll try making the product images a little bigger to...
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