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Thanks kokonutmama, though I can't really take credit. The website design company I worked with were really great about listening to what we wanted and looking at our sketches and trying to work it out in zen. I was super picky and am surprised sometimes that they don't just ignore my e-mails now! I've changed a few things and am having above mentioned website company give it a final test once over as I am not at all confident about my ability to pick up any glitches...
Keep 'em coming, you guys are great! I agree with the fact that some of the pics are not great. We had some last minute product switches and additions so just have to use our "living room" photos that certainly are not the best. We'll get them all fixed but I do just want to get it all up! I definitely will put in the contact info, I hadn't really thought about it before (hence the need for feedback!). kokonutmama, do you know how I should fix the flicker effect? I...
Thanks for the suggestions, I love the favicon idea. How do i do that? I googled it and found many places that you can create one for free - any recommendations on a good one?
Hi all, We are just about ready to go live, just fixing a few final site details though I feel like I could spend months continuing to "fix" everything so I'm trying to just get it up and get started. I'd love to get some feedback from other WAHMs, shoppers and anyone else who has an opinion! Some things I know need to be fixed: the white line on the main page (it just happened when I changed some text and I'm waiting to hear back from my website design companyso...
Aha, thank you, thank you all. The light bulb has gone one, I get it! Yay!
Can anyone who uses zen cart (or just knows something about websites and computers!) explain meta tags a bit to me? I am trying to set up the tags for my product pages but what is the difference between words entered into the key words area and those for the description area? TIA.
Okay, these may be fairly simple things to figure out but I'm trying to do way too much stuff that I don't understand right now and everything seems to be too difficult to figure out! I am signed up for endicia with the stealth postage package and I have downloaded the dazzle program. I don't have a special label printer which I think is okay but any thoughts on that would be appreciated as well! Do those of you who use endicia/dazzle buy your labels through the endicia...
Does anyone use the godaddy ssl certificate? Any reviews on that or another somewhat affordable ones? Thanks.
Thank you. So what are the reasons for getting your own SSL as opposed to using the one through authorize net? Just trying to figure out what makes the most sense.
Okay, we're using zencart and have decided we want to be able to accept cc along with paypal. We've pretty much decided to use merchant warehouse with authorize net, seems to be the best deal out there and the customer service was great and really helpful. Anway, now I'm trying to figure out what I need to do about an SSL certificate. Am I correct that I need one with a merchant account? Also, does anyone have any recommendations? TIA.
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