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Okay, I can't figure out the amazon selling! How do you find the product category you want? For example I have infant and toddler dresses to sell but there is no clothing category to sell. I looked in the Everything Else category and entered infant dress and it brings up other listings of dresses to choose. What do I choose? It seems like it should be so simple and yet ... lots of head scratching going on here! Thanks
I didn't think about Amazon at all. How does it compare to EBAY? I'd really like something etsy-like to start selling some pieces before we go live. I'll check out amazon now, thanks for the idea!
I've recently started checking out the etsy site but can't figure out if I could actually post some of my products there or not. We sell infant/toddler clothes and toys that are handmade in Thailand. The toys are handmade but by a Thai company. Our clothes we design, pick fabrics etc. but they are made for us by a group of seamstresses in my husband's home village in the south of Thailand. Does the seller have to have made the product themselves? Thanks for any help.
Hi, I'm setting up my store with zen cart and want to have one of the attributes be color choices with image swatches to represent the colors. Can any experienced zen cart users explain to me how to set that up so customers can see the image of the color swatches and click those to choose what they want to order? Thanks so much, this stuff gives me such a headache trying to get it all set up!
Can anyone recommend a good face lotion that has spf 15-20? I used to use the Aveeno but am trying to get rid of all Johnson's and Johnson'e products (did it for my kids so I figure I need to start on my stuff also). Anyway my face gets dry in the winter and I really want something I can use everyday (I have kind of sensitive skin as well) and that has spf protection in it. Thanks.
Do any of you have a scale to weigh your products for shipping? Can anyone recommend a particular brand to get or not to get? I've been looking through them on EBAY but wanted to check what other WAHMs use. Also, any recommended sellers on EBAY for this? Thanks.
How many of you wahm just use paypal on your sites? I am trying to decide how much business I may potentially lose if I don't have a regular credit card processor. For those of you who have CC processing who do you go through and what are the costs? Does anyone use/know anything about FreeAuthNet.com? TIA for any advice.
Carrin, Keep me posted on how things are going and if you might want to do a link with us. We are also getting our website up in the next month or so and I totally agree about all the toys out there now. I don't think we'd be in competition with each other either. DH is Thai and we import kids clothes/toys from Thailand. The toys are made by a local Thai company and are all soft handmade toys. The clothes we design and local seamstresses from DH's village in...
Kokonutmama, any recommends on small business credit cards?
I'd check out any local small business organizations. We have SCORE and Coastal Enterprises Inc where I am. I used CEI for a small loan (only a few thousand). All the services are free and they have business counselors who can steer you in the right direction. Our CEI has their own loan officers so if you are working w/ one of their counselors they take your plan more seriously. Don't know what the odds are for a loan that big but they could probably give you better...
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