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I love the idea of the recycled newsprint! We actually just got two huge rolls of it that we use for DD to color so I'm going to start testing out some wrapping with it. Thanks! I've been looking at getting the poly mailers on ebay to save some money, does anyone recommend any particular sellers? Thanks again for all your wahming brilliance!
I am using zencart for our online store and our accountant told us to get quickbooks once everything is up and running. Are there any ways to get quickbooks without shelling out a ton of money? The programs are all so expensive and we are on a super tight budget right now. Thanks for any advice.
Once we get our website up, we will be shipping our products (kids clothes, cloth toys). We will use the poly bags as those seem to be the cheapest and sturdiest option. I'm wondering how you other wahmers ship products within the poly bag. I know when I order an item of clothing from a compant the item is in its own closed plastic bag within the mailing bag. Do any of you do this or use something else for each individual product? Where do you get your supplies? Are...
Thanks for the replies. We had family in town so I haven't been back much since I posted. I've been reading the zencart forums about the module with usps that apparently doesn't really work and the author is MIA. Aargh! I registered with the usps webtools but am still confused about how it works with endicia. What do I download from them and do I need a special module with zencart? I am really lost with all this set up stuff and could really use some helpful hints...
I have done a bunch of stuff with vistaprint: business cards, postcards and brochures and have been surprised with how well they have come out for the cost. I didn't do the free cards but ordered a small amount and then got a bunch more for free when I was checking out. They always offer you more free stuff once you purchase even the smalles amount. The prices are really good and, for a small business like myself, are great for decent cheap promotional stuff. If you're...
Hi, We are getting closer to opening up our zencart store but I am trying to figure out all the shipping stuff. I have been looking at the Endicia site at the premium package but am kind of confused about how to go about setting it up. I know it can be used with zencart but what exactly do I need to download and do I need to do anything special in zencart to enable that option? Anyone who uses zencart and expedia, I'd appreciate any advice/wisdom. Thanks in advance!
Hi, Just wondered if anyone had looked into the option of a silkscreen type of tag. I think they are usually advertised as tagless clothing. I'm noticing it more on clothes I get for my girls and personally love that you get the info without dealing with the annoyance of the tag. We are looking into this option for the clothes we make but I'm not sure yet where to look.
Hi, I'm not sure exactly where to post this but figured someone here might know. I am looking for a good article on the leaching in all the plastic water bottles/containers etc. I just bought a bunch of stainless steel ones for myself, DH and DD and want a good article with facts to give to my parents about it. If anyone knows of a good one, please send me the link. Thanks!
My dd is about 6 weeks old and in the next month I plan to start pumping some milk to freeze and have on hand if I need to be away for more than a between nursing stretch. I have a medela electric pump but wondered if anyone has any recommendations for bottles/nipples to use. For dd #1, we used the avent bottles which we liked but I wanted to know if anyone has any others that they like and why. Thanks
I am also considering getting my first credit card as way to raise my score assuming i use it wisely. Is that a good way to boost my score? What are other ways to get your score up? Also we get tons of credit card offers everyday, how should I choose what card to get? Does anyone have any recommendations?
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