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If you really don't want them to play at your house, then send them home.  Set rules, send them home when they're hungry or when they are disagreeable.  You have to decide what you want and what you can handle.  Eventually they may change their minds about coming over all the time.     I loved being that house too, and miss it now that we've moved into a less kid-rich neighborhood.  My DD was the youngest of the bunch and I wanted to keep an eye on things anyway.  
Have you tried Target for jeans? My DD is a big kid (98th for height but more like 80th for weight) and those are her fave.
I would encourage making things.  Pipe cleaners and googly eyes and tacky glue and a few old shoeboxes.  He could make some pet rocks and then build houses for them out of cardboard.  DD has been making little pet rock houses for several years and she just made a bunch of pipe cleaner people as well, they are adorable and hilarious.  
I believe our public school system does it as a community service. It is not an invasive procedure, but does give parents a heads up if there is a problem. Our ped does not do routine eye exams or hearing exams, believe it or not, so I really do think it is helpful. Many kids may not go to the doctor every year nor get eye exams every year. I can understand wanting to be notified but I really think it is a good thing, especially in our school which does not have a...
Our school does health screening which includes vision and then a separate hearing screening. I know it is helpful to some parents, they may not have known about some of their kids' issues beforehand. Sometimes we get a message about the screenings we know it is happening, just like we do about other tests. But we didn't this year and it doesn't bother me. My DD wears glasses and goes to the eye doctor anyway so the vision test is fairly useless for us.
I think it really depends what the problem is, and whether it is easily resolved. My DD has strabismus, and has been wearing bifocals since she was 3. So pretty severe vision issues and she really cannot see without her glasses. But her vision issues are completely corrected with glasses and she reads at a high school level in 4th grade. It sounds like your child may have a different kind of vision issue, for example a processing issue, that may not be simply resolved...
I am a PhD scientist, and now a research scientist with the federal government.  It's a good situation, but certainly took a while to get here, and unfortunately the federal jobs are not plentiful in the current economy.  I used to be tenure-track faculty at a university, but like the focus of a research position better - it's a better fit for me.  I finished my PhD 20 years ago!  I would suggest looking around at the female faculty in your department or college, seeing...
My DD was very much like that. She loved Pippi and most Roald Dahl and loved Shel Silverstein. She read all of Beverly Cleary's books, starting with Ralph Mouse. She really liked the Dick King-Smith books at that age, they are animal stories with lots of illustrations, and he was prolific, so that kept her busy for a while. She also loved the Willoughbys and Clementine, and Ivy and Bean, they are girl friendship stories but low on drama.
Around here there are lots of opportunities, but many of them require parents to step up.  There are all sorts of 4H experiences and you can start your own.  There's a science fair through 4H.  Destination Imagination or Odyssey of the Mind - sometimes these are run through schools, but in our area DI is not affiliated with schools.  We also have local gifted programs that start in 3rd grade and homeschoolers are definitely invited.  
This is a really tough situation.  I bet that quietly other moms also have their doubts about the mean mom.  I mean someone who bullies their own kids and slaps them in front of other people?  That can't be generally acceptable.  And I doubt the other moms are complete sheep, maybe they are feeling uncomfortable about the mean mom too.  Is there any way to cultivate other friendships in the neighborhood without getting sucked into the mean mom's vortex?  Perhaps the party...
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