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Jörð, I am so sorry to hear about your daughter. I wish you much peace in your home during this painful time.
Your yogurt got too hot, and isn't yogurt anymore I always strain it in muslin at this point and make cheesecake.
No, the liver was not cold, we warmed it up. I think it just needed extra time to combine flavors. It was so amazing!!
I had liver the other day for the first time as well. I was really anemic and I had all this frozen chicken liver so I figured, it was a good time as any. We followed the recipe in NT w/the liver and onions and mushrooms after soaking in lemon juice for a number of hrs. It was okay and I ate a couple of bites. The next day I had some and it was the most freakin' delicious thing I have ever had in my life---I was totally shocked. I cannot wait to make it again.
Quote: Originally Posted by shershine This reminded me! My Mom did that too. She gave away five dogs when I was growing up, FIVE!! And they all went to live on farms or go to "training school". And we would totally believe her, I remember asking her about how they were doing and when they would be coming back. This was all over a period of about 15 years, we never had more than one dog at a time. It was sad, we had some of the dogs for years and...
Quote: Originally Posted by A&A If he knows your thoughts on the diamond industry, he really shouldn't be surprised that you don't want a diamond as a gift. That's really a case of not listening to you, IMHO. But does anyone's husband actually listen to them?
Quote: Originally Posted by Tigerchild I think you should speak to her and say that you're sorry, but you feel this information is too important for your friend to not know. Tell her you'll give her a week to tell him, before you do...but that if she needs support or is afraid or she thinks that it might be best to have a mediator/3rd party there, that you will be there with the two of them. This takes care of the problem of breaking...
bullfrog, I'm the same way w/cow's milk. Although I also feel very lethargic and heavy, get headaches, and my nose does not stop running. I'd have these lil' old tissue colonies on the side of my bed when I woke in the morning. I can tolerate goat's milk no problem. I get raw goat milk from a local farm and make lots of yogurt and eat cheese and goat butter and have no problem. I hope this will be your experience as well Amy
Quote: Originally Posted by lilyka I actually heard someone say they didn't want to quit because they wanted their babies to be smaller. seriously. I have heard this too. And I weighed a whopping 5lbs 7oz full-term :
Quote: Originally Posted by blessed It's interesting to me that there are some folks perceiving my reaction as 'blown out of proportion'. I wonder what the response would be if I posted that dh had slapped me across the face because I accidently kicked him during roughhousing and he didn't think I was acting sorry enough. Or that a work colleague slapped my face because he thought I was laughing at him? yeah, I don't get it either Much love...
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