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  Honey, you brought the issue here and asked for input. At least before you erased everything and backtracked and changed your story. All that does is make it look like you demand things and then freak out when it doesn't go exactly how you want it to. At this point I agree that your MIL is a passive-aggressive pain in the behind, but I can also see how she's been driven to it. You've been offered a lot of good advice, and you've only chosen to "hear" either that which...
  I dunno, maybe I just need to cover my ears and sing "lalala!" when she starts to make an offer.  Though I thought the violin lessons would be perfect compared to filling our house with more toys that she would then criticize...   Yeah, I'm familiar with that position. Just recently, after almost 13 years, I've learned to smile and nod and then never, ever plan on any of those promises coming through. I don't know if it's good intentions or wanting to look/sound good...
You did lament that they were "supposed" to pay of the rest of your debt and never did. You're angry and bitter against them and to me you have had an air of "deserving" their money/help or whatever. I'm sorry if I misinterpreted.    I do have passive-aggressive relatives on both ends. There are those who thought themselves entitled to what little we've had (we're not rich, but we're careful) because they were in school- and yet they were living better than we do...
Three things:   1. This is the main one. You would be amazed at how gratitude in your thoughts, actions, and words will change how you feel about your in-laws, and how they feel about you. They've put a lot of money into you getting your family started, and they've lost a lot of money. It doesn't matter if it's money they had to borrow or money they already had; it's money THEY worked for and set aside for their retirement. Be grateful. Even if you have to fake it...
You keep score of all the things you do that make you a "better" parent than your "mainstream" neighbors and family.
I thought I had seen this discussed here, but now I can't find the thread.    I have 11 week old b/g twins. They're starting to smile at and interact with their big sisters, but they don't really notice each other. I figure they're just such a part of each other that's always there, that maybe they don't notice or realize that the other is independent of them. I don't have anything to back that up, though. :) When did your twins start to notice each other? 
More than half my weight gain was in the last trimester. I gained 35-40 pounds and I feel like it was a good, healthy weight. I also started out about 35 pounds overweight. My twins were born at 38 weeks and were 6 pounds, and 6 pounds 5 oz. They came home with me 3 days postpartum and have been very healthy. :)
I wondered the same. Is she comfortable at your home in general? Do you have an animal she's allergic to?
when was it done, and how big were your babies?
Suckers. Seriously. Not something I'd do every day, but a huge bag of suckers saved us on a cross-country flight with a toddler and 2 other young kids.
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