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Subbing. We always seem to grow new "things" quickly!
key: no spend -       budgeted spend -         over budget or not budgeted -     hung clothes on rack -    1:       Paid library fee from last month today so that it would hit this month! MUST do better! 2:     3:     4:     We got a watermelon, some bell peppers, and 3 tomatoes for free! Unintentionally organic, they'd been planted by the ecology club at the elementary school last year and abandoned. Several people had been picking some things out of there...
That is the hardest thing. That truly sucks. I feel for you.
a. Who you are:  Sarah, mom to dd(8). We homeschool and I work at a local after school child care program where I can take my daughter. We're also trying to have a hobby farm. b. Where you are going (your financial goals) and:  I'm working on trying to stay current and stay within my budget. VERY bad about not following the budget! c. How you plan to get there:  I already track everything, but need to do a (much) better job actually staying within the budget. I need to...
1      2     had free admission to the local water park, but paid for the locker rental3      4      5       6       7       8       poor planning = buying food at subway9       10      11      12      13      14     15     16    17    18     19    20    21     22     23    library late fee, craft supply for dd24    25    library late fee!26    library late fee! carp!!27    28     29    30   
I think that I may need to quit this time through. Among other stress, I've started having panic attacks about money, and one of the ponies that we've been leasing is being put down on 10/9. I'm more than a little stressed and have been going up in weight, even though I don't feel like I've been eating more. Also, due to the finances, we've been eating more bread and beans/lentils instead of meat and veggies. I'll have to try to figure out what I can do about everything...
I've gotten the supplies but have scared of my pressure cooker! I've been told that they no longer explode if you leave them alone but I'm still nervous.
Also, I've finally been able to start walking on the treadmill over the past 2 weeks. I have adrenal fatigue so have been going slow. I started at 15 minutes with a max speed of 2.8 mph. I'm up to 20 minutes and have been able to go to 3.0 mph a few times.
Is it too late? If not, I'm about 5'6" and 148.2 lb.
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