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It depends on how you would define "sharing". I'm an in-home daycare provider, and I've noticed that some of the parents have a different idea of sharing than I do. Imagine a parent bringing their child into the daycare, and the other children are all involved with toys/activities. The new arrival wants to play with a toy child X is already using. Suprisingly, many parents will say something like, "I'm sure X will share that with you" to their child, expecting X to...
Quote: Originally Posted by fireHC11 Well, to be fair, when I hired her I asked if she's OK working when DS is sick. She said it was fine. When she came over, I told her, "DS has a runny nose. Are you OK working with him?" and she said, "Sure, no problem." I told her as soon as I knew, basically. One morning he woke up with a runny nose; the next morning the runny nose was yellow. She comes over first thing in the morning. My apologies.
I think it's kinda funny that you were upset that she showed up sick without a heads-up, but you didn't give her one that your ds was sick either. Just saying.
Quote: Originally Posted by anj_rn Images of my dh trying to inject my boobs w/ cereal while I was sleeping made me laugh, Ha! Love it.
I mean this in a completely friendly way--not wanting to start a debate here. I'm an in-home child care provider, and the parents of the children in my care didn't "hire" me. They enrolled their children in my program. During the interview, I'm very clear about policies, procedures, etc. and the prospective parents can ask any questions they may have. From there, we both decide if we will be a good fit for each other. It sounds like your provider wasn't very clear...
There's a daycare center here in town with this name: Tamme's Tender Touch. It's just.....um, icky?
When I was little, I thought "God Bless America" was "God Blast America".
My ds didn't really like toys when he was little. He like tools--not toy ones. Real tools. My dad bought him a drill press for his fifth birthday! Lol
Quote: Originally Posted by inkslinger My FIL: Grandpa Cookies My MIL: Grandma Cookies Grandma and Grandpa cookies own a bakery Aww...I just love that!
I like the scrapbook idea. I will no longer be providing care for school age children when school starts again in August, and I'm planning to have a picnic for all the families at a park as a sort of send-off thing. Maybe something like that would work for you?
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