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1728 plus 8 more is 1736.
Cynthia has said several times that it is a software glitch that happens sometimes but not  always.
Dragonfly Blue, I am sorry for your loss.
If you decide to live anywhere near it, we have been happy with DS's preschool which is called Becker Early Childhood Center. It's in Houston proper, inside the "loop." They offer a range of options from three short days to five extended-care days. They are Reform Jewish-affiliated and located at a synagogue, but about 40% of the students are not Jewish, if that makes any difference to you one way or the other.   I don't know a whole lot about the elementary schools.
1723 plus 5 more is 1728.
1694 plus 29 more=1723
1692 plus 2 more=1694.   I've been sick and thus moving along more slowly-- but still moving along!
Mamita, did you report the name-calling? The mods here still do moderate but they tend to wait for a report, rather than reading every thread looking for violations. They were getting burnt out from the heavy moderation.   I prefer light moderation, myself.
  Wait, really??? I joined TWWS years ago but had trouble with the formatting or something so I never even tried to read it (maybe a browser problem). I should have stuck around I guess, if it meant I would find out how some conversations turned out.
At least now you know where your DD gets her aversion to staying the night away from home!
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