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1688 plus 4 more= 1692
We are doing the Bayou Area challenge-- not sure how many we'll get to but it should be fun. Anyone else?
Whoa, been a while since I posted. Ever since MDC went to the current format I've had trouble reading it on our household computers and on my phone. Anyway, 1678 plus 10 more= 1688.
1661 + 17 more= 1678
Layout is big. You said your layout is fantastic. I expect some of your friends actually would be happier with a smaller house and better layout but they don't realize it.
Best wishes for a speedy recovery!
1653 plus 8 more= 1661
12 more plus 1641=1653
Hooray for ANY kind of normal! And your babies are adorable. :)
Now 50 more plus 1591=1641.   Sorry about the beer bottles. I wish I had some ideas for that!
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