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52 more plus 1539=1591
We live in Houston and are PERFECTLY comfortable as liberals, I know plenty of happy gay couples here, etc. It isn't the "default" here to be a Democrat the way it is in the NE, but in urban areas it isn't weird or shocking to be liberal either. And I have lived in New England small towns and don't find Texas towns to be any more (or less) provincial.   Also in Houston the school district forbids corporal punishment.
30 more plus 1509=1539
86 more plus 1423= 1509
14 more plus 1409= 1423  
47 more plus 1362=1409
I went back to the same weight after giving birth, eventually, but my feet stayed bigger and my shape was a little different. So I would get rid of the clothes that don't fit.
124 more plus 1238= 1362
157 more plus 1081 makes 1238.
38 plus 1043 equals 1081. I'm on a tear!
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