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Thank you so much. There is a WWOOF place, I saw, just under an hour away from us, so we'll try that first. I think it will be at least a year before traveling anyway, for money reasons. I also saw that different places have different time commitments required.   ETA: I am interested in both the farming and the travel aspects. I admit I'm a little worried that I might be an incompetent farmhand.
12 plus 1031= 1043
What are the 8 toys?
26 more plus 1005=1031   Woohoo, over half way there!
I have a 4 yo ds and we're hoping to start traveling more now that he's older. Any experiences, stories, etc.?
18 more plus 987= 1005
15 more plus 972=987
You'll be a great CNA.
Oh, do go ahead and cry. They have it coming.
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