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80 more plus 637=717   Sorry I haven't been posting more details. If I tried to catalog everything, I'd never get rid of it.
I would find out from whoever licenses home daycare in your area what you can and/ or should do.
And 28 more plus 609=637. DH and I were on a roll today!
62 more plus 547=609
Well, Miss Manners says absolutely not-- the wedding gift should be what the guest can afford. If the hosts need the gifts to help make up for the cost of their wedding, she says, that means the wedding is too expensive.   I agree with her. Otherwise I couldn't have invited friends and family who were on public assistance and/ or starving young students and/ or a little short of cash. We wanted ALL our family and friends there who could come, regardless of income.
I had a big newborn but still got some use out of the newborn prefolds. They are good for burp cloths, doublers, etc. as well. I also liked having flats.
397 plus 150 more= 547
18 more plus 379=397
351 plus 28 more=379   I'm caught up now to where I want to be! Still I am going to keep going to keep the momentum going.
Congratulations on dumping him! Make sure he stays dumped.
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