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Got rid of 138 misc. pieces of stuff so far- some trash and some donations. And I called to schedule a pickup.
DS is at the Becker School, which he likes. They are NAEYC accredited. They do push academics a little on the early side (working a lot with the alphabet in the 3's class), which is fine with us but may not be your cup of tea. The teachers and director are warm and responsive to parents' and children's needs. They are a Jewish school (located in a Reform synagogue) so they are closed on Jewish holidays.   I have also substitute taught at Post Oak Montessori School,...
The not-working would not be a dealbreaker for me. Calling me names would be a dealbreaker though. That is verbally abusive.
DS loves M&Ms more than anything, so for minor holidays like Valentine's Day, I tend to get him a little packet of holiday-themed M&Ms.
You said this has been abrupt, for 2-3 months. Is she showing signs of puberty? Could it be hormones? How is her diet?
Psychologists don't prescribe meds- only psychiatrists do- so if he can get in to see a psychologist, that could really help.
If you think there is a mental illness of some kind stopping him from getting a job and causing him to skip work when he does have a job, he may qualify for SSDI. Something to think about, anyway. It at least would increase the household income.
I have PTSD-- though not from military but supposedly that doesn't make a ton of difference-- anyway, meds have helped and also cognitive-behavioral therapy. If the VA is not providing CBT, though they should, you might be able to find a sliding-scale university clinic.
Typically people who are paralyzed will have an aide to help them with the kids. Same as they would if they became paralyzed when they already had children.
Just a brief suggestion- you could use some of the holey sheets to reinforce and patch the quilt that is coming apart, and/ or to make a new quilt.
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