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Quote: Originally Posted by blizzard_babe Ah well. What's done is done. Maybe we'll get them back, maybe we won't. I'm sure we won't see the money unless we (wo)man up and ask him, which neither DH or I are wanting to do at this point. Plus, he's now unemployed, so he'll have that excuse. You won't get the sheets or the money back, even if you do ask him. However, you could ask your friend to give YOU the $14. And let him know. Then you are...
I don't know scientifically, as far as germs and whatnot-- I mean, I just have no idea. However, if a visitor sees the lo playing on the floor, you should definitely make sure the same person sees you wash them before being served dinner out of them!
I think you'll never see the money, nor the sheets, nor the guy again for the rest of your life, no matter what you do.
Some of the sacraments are optional. Ordination and marriage are in that category.
I have no idea what effect diastasis might have on it. DH's set in as a result of a car accident; I've read that it can also be caused by pregnancy. DH is, however, usually able to nip his in the bud when it starts to recur, so it never gets too bad-- BUT that requires lots of rest on his part. At least 24-48 hours with no kid-carrying at all. YMMV
Fake grass, plastic eggs with M & Ms in them (his favorite candy), and Play-dough eggs maybe. My parents might add a small toy or two.
Quote: Originally Posted by Fuamami Yes, the LDS church is Christian. They believe that Jesus Christ was the son of God, they believe in the resurrection, etc. They also believe that Christ came to the Americas, and that there were other groups of people following the teachings of Christ around the same time as the bible. That's what the B of M is about. Oh, yes, the Christians who do not recognize the LDS church as Christian, base the...
LDS members (aka Mormons) will say they are Christians. Some denominations of Christianity say that LDS members are not Christians; other denominations (or at least parts of them) do accept LDS members as fellow Christians. However, if you are a non-LDS Christian and want to join the LDS church, you do have to convert. Got all that? The LDS church recognizes another book, the Book of Mormon, in addition to the Bible used by Christians. This book was written (or...
I'm glad you're feeling better! Sacroiliitis can recur, so make sure to line up a few just-in-case helpers for the next flare-up.
DH has sacroiliitis. He has gotten excellent results from icing and ibuprofen; and it does heal much, much faster when he doesn't have to carry DS around too much. So if you can get as much help as possible, that is the best thing to do.
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