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Wow...I was just visiting the message boards to post the very same thing! I don't really have any one else in my life who can quite relate. Most of my friends have much older children. My 17.5 month old son has not nursed in about three days. I guess I was encouraging weaning by loosely using the "don't offer, don't refuse" method. For a couple of months now he has been less interested (restless, digging in with his teeth, not actually drinking). I am feeling sad and...
My faves are Gabriel, Owen, Ivan, Andrew, Emmett, Rowan and Nolan. Love Evan, but it's too close to Ethan.
Just had to chime in and let you know that I feel for you and that I know how tough this decision must be. My husband and I really struggled with it when our first child was born 15 years ago. Also, I have to say that all four of are sons are not circumcized and have never had even the slightest problem. Ultimately, what sealed the decision for us was the simple fact that the penis has a foreskin by design and for a reason. Kind of like eyes have eyelids. It made...
What an awesome story! Well wishes to your little one.
Just saw Wild Strawberries (an Ingmar Bergman film) last night. My library had it on the shelf so after reading this thread I decided to check it out. Loved the film, but there was no nursing mother in it : ( I also wanted to comment on what a great, supportive, smart group of women that you are. I visit the boards infrequently these days (I was much more active 10 years ago) and I am constantly impressed by how wonderful you all are!
I was wondering if you guys have any thoughts on this...I want to buy a used SSC and am interested in the Beco Butterfly or Babyhawk Oh Snap. I am 5'9 and a curvy size 16/18, my husband is 6'5 with a lean build. Would one carrier work better than the other for any reason? Thanks in advance!
We stuck with fruits, veggies, rice/oat cereal, and meat at 6 - 8 months. Offered wheat and yogurt at 8 months. Egg yolks and tofu at 9 months. There was no compelling reason why we did it in this order. I was just try to offering potential allergens one at a time, and space their introduction out every two weeks or so. We're waiting to offer cow milk until 12 months.
Thanks to the encouragement I felt by reading this thread, I removed mine today (Mirena)! I feel overjoyed. Thanks mamas! I was not having *severe* side effects, but they did bother me...PMS syptoms like puffiness, moodiness, cramping. I've also gained belly fat during the 3.5 months I've had it (got at at 6 weeks post part). I always lose body fat and weight during the early months of breastfeeding and I suspect the IUD threw me off. I pulled it out myself with no...
Four month old usually takes a nap around 9:30 am, 2:00 pm (1 to 2 hours long) and 6:00pm (a short one).
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