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ms has definately kicked in for me....but it seems like i feel better if i actually puke as opposed to just feeling nauseous all day
we just started counting and i have to say i LOVE it.... it has reduced the yelling and spanking sooo much. 3=a time-out which i know not everyone here agrees with but its so much better than what we were doing before.
i'm so hapy for you mama!
Quote: Originally Posted by RubyWild We have been saving them in a small box for 20 years. We have series of them showing the couple, then additions to the family, and now grown children! The answer is, send them Christmas cards... or are you already doing that? thats what my mom does, but they're in a drawer with all the other pictures.....pictures can be fun to go through even when they're not perfectly scrapbooked .... or even in any...
my intact hubby thought that retraction was necessary b/c thats what his parents did when he was little. thank god i learned better and convinced him of it before kellen was born! (i voted no advice given b/c by the time kellen was here kurt knew better so didn't give any advice)
my husband was ready for me to stop well before i was but i just kept on til i was ready to quit i didn't get much other than random comments....annoying but easy enought to ignore
just looking at whats available on e-bay and amazon for 3rd grade and not seeing anything i really like......anybody want to share what you're using? psst...looking for something i can just pick up used for 10$ or less....doesn't absolutely have to be 3rd grade 4th or even 5th would be ok, prefer something not strictly focused on american history thanks mamas!
i pretty much let the kids wear what is comfortable for them, if i think they have made a choice that will be uncomfortable later i just bring along whatever i think they might need
witm my first i worked an on my feet job until a week before she was born, would've worked right up until labor if they hadn't fired me with #2 i took off a month before my due date... just b/c i was in a situation where it was do-able this time i'm planning to work until i go into labor but i may ask to work shorter shifts or something depending on how i feel.....might not be necessary though, its on my feet but that'll be during the slow part of the year and i...
i did find an interesting article but i don't trust the majority of the site and since its funded by the formula companies, its not a site i'd reccommend to anyone
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