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I agree.  I wouldn't make that choice yet.  It could take a very long time, and by that time, anything else could happen to change everything.  In fact, she may want to stay home with her second child for a while to let him or her acclimate.     I just don't think i'd tell her "It's a deal breaker" because you obviously support her need to adopt...but, it might come off sounding like you will fire her IF she goes through with it.
Once, I saw a very elderly man get up from his seat to give it to a pregnant woman.  I wanted to kiss him on his little head.  
Actually, sometimes husbands bother me.  Especially when they stand in the way at Victoria's secret.  Occasionally Old people bother me.  (admittedly it's usually my own Mother or Mother in law)  People who smoke in the drive through at the bank bother me too.     I'm an equal opportunity crab.
O.K...Today they bothered me.   Seriously...if you have a huge family, you do not ALL need to shop at Walmart in one huge mass.  Honestly...give the kids some coupons and send them searching, you don't need to cling to each other like a small island lumbering through the store together.  Spread out.  
Sometimes it bugs me.  But, sometimes, people in general bug me.   I remember when my daughter was six, I was taking her to dance class...she had two classes in a row, so *I* had two hours off.  I parked next to an SUV with a couple of kids in it.   The lady got out, then a preteen daughter got out, and they both unloaded about six more kids... mom got the giant double stroller contraption, put two little ones in it, held the hand of another one, the older...
I had friends who's son was like this.  They INSISTED he would only use the Dr Brown's bottles.  But, he gagged and cried, and it took 45 minutes to get 4 oz in him.  I had him for a few hours, and gave him a playtex bottle, he ate 6 oz in no time.     They said "He never sleeps".  But, they were co-sleeping, and he was a light sleeper.  So, when they finally decided to make him sleep alone in his own room, he slept through the night, and his entire personality changed...
I have daycare parents who should NEVER reproduce again.  Ever.  They are recently divorced, but even with different spouses, they should never make another child.     It's hard to watch, because it's a new train wreck every week with these people.  
http://pinterest.com/pin/24699497927552669/  About the 70s.   http://pinterest.com/pin/59602395040696132/  80s.   http://pinterest.com/pin/144326363029329640/  Early 90s.   Then, in the 90s, you could get a pink toy box, or toy bench, but before the 90s, you had to look for pink, or paint it yourself.
It doesn't bother me.     I don't LOVE pink, and probably wouldn't fill my daughter's room with pink things.  But, it doesn't bother me to have to hunt through things to find a non pink item.     In the 70s, Orange, brown and Olive green were the colors for kids.  In the 80s, almost all things were primary colors.  Little Tykes toys were the traditional white with dark blue, red, and green accents.   Then, the bright pastels (or jewel tones) were popular, now...
My daughter did the bullying thing twice.  Once was the little sister of her friend.  (it was more the sister that was bullying, but that's not the point)  Their mom came over to the house to talk to us about it.  My daughter NEVER said another mean thing to Bailey again.  After that day, my daughter was her biggest defender.   Then in sixth grade, she told her best friend what her other friend said about her clothes.  That hit the fan immediately.  Those girls took...
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