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Quote: Can people in that category EVER give blood after a certain number of years and negative HIV tests, or is that a "lifelong ban" kind of thing? Just FWIW, HIV isn't the only bloodborne disease that is more common among homosexual men---rates of HepA, HepB, and HepC, for instance, are all higher within that group. Thanks for the video. I was rejected when I tried to give last month (low iron count) and this is a good reminder to work on that so...
It's snowing on us for the second time in a week...in Arkansas! We rarely get snow at all---and in *March*?! This is seriously almost unheard of; I don't think it's happened before in my lifetime. The schools did get out, so I guess it's not all bad
I was going to post about it being the customary hand that Europeans wear their wedding ring on, as lalaland said. DH and I ran off to Germany after we eloped and spent our first few months married wearing rings on our right hands
You might have luck with zabasearch.com ...but great idea about the headstones! If that doesn't work out, you could contact the dept. of transportation or county clerk for the place they last lived...both should have the dates on file and should understand your plight.
At my public Arts/Science Magnet HS, you chose an art or science specialty, then could sub-specialize, though sub-specialties weren't officially reflected on your diploma or record. I majored in Science and did get a seal to that effect on my diploma; my sub-specialty was chemistry. Within each "department", there was a range of class difficulty ("regular", "gifted", or AP), not reflected on diplomas but of course shown on transcripts.
IMO, Ecco shoes are horribly uncomfortable...Born and Crocs are both comfy, but Crocs moreso methinks. I'd go for #3
My dh vetoed Ava for me. Hrmpf. We ended up going with Eleanor : Others that we considered: Audra, Lydia, Iris, Ella...can't think of the others now, lol.
Three Mile Island and Chernobyl are the reasons why folks are so anti-nuclear. They really scared a lot of people. Horrific accidents aside, people who live near coal powered plants are exposed to more radiation than people who live near nuclear plants: http://www.sciam.com/article.cfm?id=...-nuclear-waste I imagine that if you consider all the deaths caused directly or indirectly by air quality problems associated with coal plants (which produce most of the power in...
Quote: they did it in Wag the Dog Yup . Every time I see them, I hope it's a tongue-in-cheek reference to the movie, lol.
Mamaverdi, we're the other direction from Dallas. Those are really good ideas, though I think similar things have fallen apart in the past...but I'll ask around. Thanks
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