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Mary Kehl at El Sol is also very non-vax friendly. I've loved her for my kids and myself.
Great, here! Happy Mabon!
It's supposed to be rainy again tomorrow, but probably a lot lighter than today. Hopefully we won't be soaked and cold for the fair.
Yes, I love it!!! Anybody going to the Puyallup fair this weekend?
I am so ready for the temps to go back down. This is gross without a/c!!
I'm in Tacoma. Contact me if that's close enough to help.
We've been using freecycle. I decided to go with the Fir Creek Peds for the kiddos. I saw the doc I was assigned at Madigan today and really like him a lot, so I think I'll stick with him for now and just take the kids off post.
Ooooh no, I'm almost positive Tricare won't cover any of that or naturopaths.
Quote: Originally Posted by BellaLuna Rayne I go to West Seattle Natural Family Medicine and see Dr. Molly Gray, she is awesome! Can you give me a number and address for that?
I was looking for Family Medicine since I want to be seen as well. I'll keep that one in mind, though.
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