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Hey ladies. (I recognize Alohamelly!) I just moved to Tacoma and I'm trying to find a good crunchy friendly doctor. Any recommendations?
OH I see. Is that legal without some court orders?
I don't understand... you said she doesn't have any children but she loves her girls? Also, how are you seeking to help her? And to be fair, if somebody is violent towards me I'd feel pretty vindictive, too.
I would hazard a guess at a kidney infection. Maybe call and see if they tested for infection.
I saw my chiro yesterday. Laying on your back, you can have your DH *gently* push pressure on each side of the pubic symphasis. Normally they should slide back into place pretty easily.
A chiropractor, for sure!! Also, you can lay on your side and have somebody push really hard, even steady pressure on your other hip bone. It's like a diamond and when you push on opposite corners, the other two open up further. I'm not sure I'm explaining that well. It's also a great trick for widening the pelvis for a stuck baby in labor.
And um, I'm assuming you put a penis up your vagina while pregnant. Probably fingers, as well. ASSuming you have a normal healthy functioning cervix and smooth pregnancy, it is no problem especially short term. Unless you are on pelvic rest, don't worry about the tampon. I would soak it in yogurt though, not TTO. That stuff is pretty strong and needs to be heavily diluted.
Yep, peeled garlic clove up the snatch. Works like a charm. Probiotics are good, too.
Should be the top of your *pubic* bone to the top of your uterus. Not sure if that was just a typing error, but wanted to correct it just in case!
Great here! Nothing noteable, really!
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