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Yep! I'm nursing my 2 1/2 year old a couple of times a day and my 4 year old every few days! It is fine to pump during a normal, healthy pregnancy just as it is fine to nurse.
Oh I just thought a good MW might be able to help determine severity, how much time you had etc. They probably would go for a transfer, though. You can do that alone!
I see. Hmm do you have any trusted midwives that DON'T live near you? I mean I know that my midwife would be happy to take the occasional woman about something like that, even if she was across the country and couldn't come take a look. Perhaps somewhere you used to live or a midwife who attended for a friend. Just looking for ideas that might help ease your mind and help you have a plan. If it makes you feel any better, it's really NOT common to have that problem
I have not had multiples, but my inclination would be to have a good midwife or two feel my belly and probably check it out with a doppler. Of course that's only helpful after about 20ish weeks.
I think I agree with Amber. Do you have a trusted midwife or two that you can call just to discuss things like this? My first choice (depending on severity, of course) would be to call a home birth midwife to come and look, or at the very least advise me. If I was past transition and it wasn't severe, I would probably just keep on trucking.
Definitely not!! This is my 3rd and I want 6 or more!
It is perfectly normal to feel movement as early as 14ish weeks. It is also normal to not feel a thing until well after 20. I wouldn't start worrying until 22ish.
Quote: Originally Posted by apmama2myboo they tell me for my 3 pm u/s to go pee at 1:30, then between 2 and 2:30, drink 32 oz. of water. yeah. sucks, but you have to do it Not really. It's pretty inconsequential, actually. Just drink normally.
I'm telling you guys, garlic is a whole lot safer than any antibiotic. It works.
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