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Yes and it keeps making me nervous!!
Well I co-slept (still do) from birth, slung the babies, I'm still nursing my 4 and 2 1/2 year olds. I guess there's not much we're doing different, sticking to home birthing, non-vaxing, non-circ, cloth diapers. lol I guess I'm glad I covered most of it the first two times around! The first time somebody gave us a crib, but within a month I gave it away b/c I knew I wouldn't use it. I went ahead and gave away most of the baby equipment like the swing b/c when it comes...
A heart shaped uterus by itself is not much of a concern. However if the baby gets stuck breech, it's hard to turn them b/c they want to bounce right back.
Congrats! Welcome to the club!!
Yes, keep doing it. You can gradually cut back the blocks as time goes on to see if things are going okay. You may need to keep the blocks for a few months, though.
haha I can't listen to sad music or watch sad movies.
Just the thought of some of these is making me gag.
You can tell an evap line apart from a positive b/c an evap line doesn't have any pigment. It'll just be the line where pink or blue WOULD be, but a positive is actually pink or blue.
I know a lot of people have great luck with the dollar store tests and they guarantee to pick up as low as 25, but I have consistently had FR ones pick it up at 9dpo when dollar store tests took several more days. I recently bought some from like testforless.com and I had bright clear positives with FRER and nothing on those even though they claimed 20.
Welcome and congrats!! How the hell did you wait 25 days? I started obsessively peeing on sticks at like 5 dpo!!
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