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I had no idea
I did almost pee myself I was that scared. She is a pretty cool kid, but I still see her as my sweet and innocent 4 yr old. Time to start seeing her as a 'real kid' I guess. Although this still seems too young to have such a creepy sense of humour. I am trying to view the youTube video. It may have to wait until I am hooked up with my HIGHSPEED WIRELESS access this week-end! woo-hoo.
wine here too. She hated beer and loved wine. I was hanging out with some friends and having a beer and one of the guys for some reason asked Morgan if she liked beer, so of course she said 'eww yuck! I hate beer' . And another guy goes, 'oh well, hang around with us and well get you loving the good stuff" (: I was a little ticked at that, but some people are clueless and think talking to five year olds like that is ok) so dd says "No, I'll stick with wine thanks" :...
Quote: Originally Posted by Lady Lilya Are you building an ark? ------- I am mostly worried about my old cat. She is very frail. My 10wk old has already pulled out a fistful of fur. lol, I could be. They are all female and spayed, except for the puppy. It wouldn't be a very successful ark, but it would be peaceful I think your kitty will learn to stay away from baby if she does not like having her fur pulled out.
Quote: Originally Posted by momof2boys1girl my dd has been going thru this for about a year now and she just turned 8.I try to remind her that she will get in less trouble for telling the truth then lying. We just went thru it this morning. I asked if she brushed her teeth and she said yes. I knew she did not but she kept insisting she had. I went to the bathroom and her tooth brush was dry. So I told her that she needed to stop lying I knew she had not...
I don't think 5 is geriatic is it? Bunnies live to at least 12 yrs. Which would make that the young side of middle age. I don;t agree with breeding her, but I do not think it would kill her. I have had rabbits have litters at older ages than that. I thought I had edited this already, but apparently not. I can see if she has never had a litter before, then certainly it may cause problems being bred for the first time at this age.
so you left your son alone in his room? Was it because you did not really believe there was a ghost out to get you, or were you perhaps offering your son up as a sacrifice in the hopes the ghost would leave you alone? Me? I would choose the latter but pretend I was going with choice number one :
Quote: Originally Posted by VernaBloom . A less level headed person would have torn the driver's head off. Hope your little guy is feeling better soon! why rip the drivers head off? the mother waved for him to continue. I thin kthis is a blameless situation. Just one where people need to think a little more thoroughly. Hope your sons scrapes heal quickly! That must of been heart stopping scary
You definately don't have to put her to sleep. I was meaning to start a topic on letting pets die a natural death without interference. This reminded me. My old girl possibly has cancer as well. She was looking pretty poorly and has a lump on the bottom of her rib cage. I am not taking her to the vet for it. There will be no aggressive treatment for cancer, so whats the point? . I love her dearly, but she is old, and old things die. I will let it come naturally...
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