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I am making DS some rimless and DD some sundresses. That will be our summer uniform.
 I would, as long as the child did not care. Since I have twins, I am anticipating a certain amount of clothes swapping anyways. Besides, I have this exact conversation at least once a week. Stranger. "oh twins! Two boys?" Me. " actually, a boy and a girl." Stranger. " which one is the girl?" Me. "the one wearing the pink hair bow" Chances are he will still be called a boy.
 my personal comfort level was cervical checks once I knew I was having contractions. That helped establish that, for the moment, they were non-productive. It also helped a few weeks later when I was having more contractions, to show that these ones were productive and causing dilation. At that point I got the shots that help stop contractions and lung shots. I ended up holding out for another month after that.
 Forum crashing! I have twins who were due April 2009 and this is about the time I started going into labor with them. They were born in February.I opted for cervical checks, and they were very helpful in deciding when to opt for the lung development shots. It also helped give a baseline to tell if things were getting worse, since I had contractions (real and braxton) very often. For me, it was helpful, though you may decide differently. Hope that helps and best wishes.
I've been struggling for a long time, but have recently started spiraling down. I've decided to try to find help in the form of a psychiatrist or psychologist. I've started several times, but found that finding someone who takes my insurance, setting up an appointment, etc... is so overwhelming. It literally takes everything I have to get up in the morning and watch my kids. Adding this on top of it just seems insurmountable. I know I need to change, but how do you change...
 I always say that if I only had DS, I would think I was doing everything right. If I had only DD, I would worry that I was doing it wrong. Luckily I had them both at the same time and know that it's all personality! Enjoy your happy little guy!
My twins are like that. My dd is so high needs, even at almost two. She has always been a Velcro child. My son has always been my happy, smiley boy. Totally different personalities. We always started our babies out in the crib for the night and let them join us in bed. My son was sleeping 6 hour stretches at 3 months old (1 month adjusted). And never much liked sleeping with us. My daughter didn't sleep that long til well over a year old. My son has always been happy...
I'm posting todaay, but finished yesterday. I got in my kitchen and tossed mountains on mismatched typefaces, that I don't even use anymore since I moved to glass. I also got rid of chewed up sippy cups, holiday treat containers, an old non working crock pot, and yucky drinking glasses that are plastic. I rewarded myself with a set of matching glass glasses that look pretty and neat when I open my cabinet. 97 items decluttered in all! Now on to the 2011 thread.
I used the moby when they were itty bitty, and an ergo/pouch sling combo later. It is the only way I got anything done!
I found that free one, it doesn't necessarily get easier, it just gets different. You don't have the every two hour eating, sleeping haze, but you have to chase them more. Ou don't have the learning to nurse worries, but you worry if they are eating enough solids. It did, for me, get easier around 18 months. That's when I got able to let them play independently for a bit while I loaded the dishwasher, or swept. They got a lot more enjoyment out of each other, and started...
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