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Cute thread! I love the stories. I only have one friend who CLWs, it is great to hear the tales! My DS took a stroll through the bra isle recently. He had me cracking up as he walked down the row yelling Nursies! Nursies! and grabbing every cup in sight. Every day when I get home he is there to greet me: "Hi Mamak, how you? Go nursie on the couch?" And he always asks for "other one side nursie." He doesn't sing as much as beat box about nursies.
Hi Mama, My first reaction is that it is probably a combination of factors. Disrupted hormones coupled with the stress of change looks like a four star recipie for depression. I aplaud your self-awareness. Too many mamas push their feelings away because they are afraid. You have to do what you think you need to do. In my experience, physical exercise, excellent eating, and scraping together 10 minutes a day to simply meditate by counting my breaths and stilling my mind...
Just posting to get the nagging "you haven't posted in awhile" banner off the top of the page. I don't like it.
Hang tough and stay in tune with your intuition! If DH is nervous, maybe you could keep things to yourself until you are sure of the situation. My c-section was in part related to the stress of the concers of others, forcing me to the hospital too soon.
We always had a nightlight in the first months. Soon DC will just hook up without even waking you up! My DS is 17 mo. and he goes so far as to try to roll me over to change sides now!
Oh yes. It will pass. Then return, then pass, etc. Just stay in tune with yourself and go easy as you can when overtired.
[ Quote: The logistics of breastfeeding at work are formidable. A woman must find a private place to pump several times a day and a place to keep her milk chilled and stored. Plus, she has to transport bottles and an insulated carrier to and from work each day, as well as boil the bottles and valves regularly to sanitize them between uses. It is written to make this seem like the "norm" but I am a working, pumping mama and haven't found any of the...
Disagree strongly. STRONGLY.
Wow, aren't they great? My 14 mo DS enjoys slamming his head into hard surfaces when he doesn't get his way. I'd rather the breath holding, although it sounds awful.
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