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My DD didn't poop in the potty until she was 4. If you search the internet you will find that Dr. Jay Gordon thinks this is preferable to having a constipated kid. I showed that article to my DH and he relaxed about the whole situation.
My doctor just told me I'm to take 325 mg of iron a day for 8 weeks. My "Transferrin Saturation" is 13%. Normal range is 15-50%. My "Total Iron" is 47 mcg/dL. Normal range is 40-175 mcg/dL.   I have heavy periods which have improved lately but it is still hard for me to get my iron up. Any supplement suggestions? Floradix and other iron supplements from Whole Foods don't provide enough iron. I was taking Vitanica Iron Extra but that isn't working it seems.   I...
That is a bummer!  
I'm going to visit my family and the only car available to me is a Solara convertible. Would you feel comfortable driving a four-year-old around in such a car? In a car seat, of course.
From Herb Quarterly: "A study conducted at the National Institute of Health Sciences in Japan revealed that one of the plant's components, steviol, caused cell mutation in laboratory rats." I wouldn't risk it, even though it's probably a small risk.
Thanks all. I'm not worried about protein just B12 and iron, but with the eggs she should be ok. I'm going to try turkey bacon. That's a good idea la mamita. I do put broth in her potatoes, etc, because I don't think she is making an ethical choice right now. If she were I would totally respect it.
Help! My four year old was never a big meat eater but now she is refusing chicken and turkey too. She eats a couple of bites of chicken per week and about 5 eggs per week. Most days she eats beans and nuts for protein and lots of veg and fruit. She is refusing lentil soup, into which I could have sneaked some bone broth. I've started her on Floravital for iron. She also is dairy free for other reasons. She drinks rice milk but I could switch her to coconut milk if that...
Patience. It took over a year for sex to feel good again for me. Especially if you are breastfeeding.
I'll try to make this short and to the point: For the past six months, my cycle has fluctuated. In Dec, March, and May I had very heavy bleeding (soaking through natural tampon+heavy pad) every half hour. This usually lasts four hours total. My cycle is now 24 days (I'm 44). I haven't been tracking my basal temperature yet to determine length of luteal cycle. My blood work for thyroid and sex hormones was "normal." I'm slightly anemic even though I had been...
Would he try a solid shampoo bar? A lot of MDC folks like this company: http://www.chagrinvalleysoapandcraft...hampooinfo.htm
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