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You might also stick to regular routines to project a little of the life goes on thing and perhaps add some new routines - ones the dog would like like walks.
Litter boxes should be about 1 and 1/2 times the length of the cat. Most so called "litter boxes' are too small for most cats. Check into larger plastic trays used for other purposes. Avoid tall edges in elderly cats as it may be hard for them to get over that edge. One more litter box than number of cats also
This may not be an answer but the lesson I've learned from my garden and my children is that mother nature doesn't seem to like the iidea of "mine." I've begun to revel in the flashes of color, chirps and teem of life my garden may have contributed to the environment around us. Next year I'm planning a garden just for the birds and animals.
The American Association of Retired Persons is known for its political clout. The nation's and the world's children have no such group acting for them. It is their parents, naturally, who are most concerned for the children and it is the world's parents who should be acting as one for our children. Global warming is an issue in particular as today's adults will be little affected. It is our children and grandchildren who will. We've just put up a one page web-site. The...
I believe the American College of Pediatrics recommends that pediatricians ask how many hours of TV each child watches per week as part of their initial examination. I do not think there's a question about whether or not the commercials are muted etc.. It's the hours spent watching that are a concern. Teaching children to be media smart misses the point for me. One TV critic tells this story about how parents mistakenly monitor TV viewing by their children: A border...
Beyond the effects of commercialism, TV has other profoundly negative effects no matter what's on. In Bowling Alone, a Harvard sociologist's book on the loss of community in America, television was found to be a major factor in separating familes from those around them. A while ago at least families would watch together - now the tendency is that it even separates family members from each other (everybody with their own TV). "And as parents and the home lose some of...
I think the whole child should be considered. A zero tolerance policy concerning personal injury from a member or near-member of the family may not be something one wishes to model for children. Perhaps forgiveness, an acceptance of some risk as natural in life, an abundance of affection over fear and many attempts at resolution (problem solving) rather than immediate avoidance when facing difficulties might be attributes to demonstrate to the children.
This may sound odd but one answer for my kids has been pets. Cats and dogs think and experience life in profoundly different ways than humans and I think early experience with animals engenders an empathic way of looking at others that extends in later life to an appreciation for and openness to differences in other beings within one's culture and outside of it. Learning to understand pets or animals so different from us is a good first step to living in a multicultural...
It oppresses me as well that we leave a poisoned world for our children. I feel though that as I have children, I must do all I can to change that world for the better. I think that if all the parents of the world worked together things could change for our children... things could not help but be changed. I'm trying to start an global organization, "World Parent," and so far have a barely begun, half broken web site: www.worldparent.org
You could try an ultrasonic cat deterrant (the sound it makes is inaudible to us but does seem to bother some cats enough). They detect motion and then emit the ultrasonic sound. Put it where the cat probably approaches the garden.
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