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ok, now I get it! Thanks!!!
Ok, so I've looked at every video, description, etc. of how to do short rows. I feel like I know how to do the actual stitch and wrap (probably not though), but I'm completely in a fog as to how to apply it by looking at the pattern directions. Can I blame it on preggo brain?? : Anyway, to describe where I'm lost. Can someone tell me where I'm going wrong? I've got my knitting in my left hand and according to the directions, I need to knit across 9 stitches (for...
Another vote for Wahmies
I'm going through this right now. If you do have a varicose vein, compression therapy might work. You can either try wearing a pad, but what I've actually found to help is wear this thing called a V2...the same makers of the prenatal cradle. It's totally weird, but if I put it on before I get up in the morning, it really seems to help. Other than that, keeping your legs elevated might help or going in the pool. My doc said it's totally normal and unfortunately...
Beautiful girls! Congratulations!!!
Late here too. I hope everything went great!
I also say JCPenney...decent prices too. Old Navy maternity jeans!!!
National Geographic's "In the Womb"
I was exhausted, but didn't put it together. duh
There is also a brand of paint called Mother's Touch that is no VOC I believe. They have it at babysupermall.com and they have hundreds of colors. I'm still having my DH do the painting, but I thought I'd pass it along. Not the cheapest, but no VOC is a good thing!
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