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So, at my house, my rules are pretty lax when it comes to eating and sitting still at the table. My kids are allowed to walk away in the middle of the meal and pretty much do what they want while eating. Our meal times are free and they can spend as long as they want to finish. I do it this way, because we struggle with our son's eating habits as he is a picky eater. As a mother who is alone most of the time, this seems like the method that works best for us. (My hubby...
Last year my son was expelled from school for one day for showing his penis to another boy in the classroom. (He was 6) In another incident he was caught lifting his shirt and showing his belly and dancing around wiggling his butt in the classroom. Once again, this matter was called to my attention by the principal and the teacher. He had maybe 2 or 3 incidents like this last year and the principal declared my son "sexual". I changed schools.   I didn`t believe...
I am an expat living in mexico and always check into allvallarta.com and vallartascene.com I wouldn´t say they are family-oriented websites, but you will get a wealth of info about living in Mexico.
Quote: Originally Posted by onlyzombiecat "Do those stairs go up" (from a person standing in the lowest level of a building... and they are stairs.) Maybe he thought that the stairs led to another part of the building, and not in the direction that he wanted to do. Sometimes stairs just go into the parking lot or something while the elevator goes 'up'.
Quote: Originally Posted by earthmama369 I know it sucks, and I know it's human tendency to try to figure out what others did "wrong" to catch something in order to feel more protected ourselves, but Mexico City really isn't unlike many U.S. cities. It's not some Third World diseased hovel...we have the same issues here in many of our cities. Mexico City has its wealthy neighborhoods, its middle class neighborhoods, its poor neighborhoods, and some truly...
My almost 4 year old always says that to me when he is angry. I ignore him, or say "Well, I love you very much." It has since tapered off...but now he jsut says, 'Shut up!" I can never win.
I like Henrik. It's easily pronouncable...but I don't know if it's German....or Thomas (Tomas).
Here in Mexico, only the poorer women breastfeed their kids for extended periods. The upper class think it's only necessary to b/f for a few months...if at all. I got a lot of crap for b/fing my son for 2 years, and now that I am b/fing my 5 month old, people are still surprised that I haven't switched to formula
My inlaws took us out to our favorite restaurant. They left a $2 tip on a meal for 6 people! We kept insisting that we'd leave the tip, but they insisted that they could foot the whole bill! I didn't want to embarras my bro-in-law, so we just left hanging out heads in shame.
I"m just curious as to how you all became a mulitcultural family. Was it a choice...as in "I want to have a Mexican husband." Or was it more of a circumstance? I'm just wondering because sometimes for fun I read Craigslist or something similar, and I"m always amazed as to how many personal ads I see that state that the person wants to meet someone of a specific race/culture (not their own). I remember when I was young I fell in love with a Mexican guy on a holiday trip....
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