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Went to the store to buy burger buns, and the clerk didn't put the bag of buns in another plastic bag. So, my son freaked out saying he wants the buns in a bag! He cried all the way home and at home he kicked the crap out of the burger buns coz they weren't in an extra plastic carrying bag!! We had to take one of our shopping bags and put the burger buns in that so he would calm down.
Quote: Originally Posted by Tiger Lily Remember, too, that 3-4 yo portions are going to be significantly smaller than adult portions! Yes, that is why I don't know how much to make. I figured one cup of water per kid...so 35 cups??? I'm still lost, but will try the 'make a batch and freeze it' idea that was posted....thanks!
Thanks for all your great replies. My baby will be a Libra at 40 weeks, and I tried the websites which showed the sign most compatible with me and my husband and the best compatibility was Libra baby and worst was Virgo!! haha I guess I will leave it for the latest possible date. Plus, my mom's birthday is on the 25th.....!
I'm having a planned C-section and the due date is Sept.21st. Well, to make a long story short, my doc and I were talking about when to schedule the C-section and he said I could do it anytime that week (Sept. 21st -26th). Now, the weird question is: If I pick the date before the 23rd, the baby will be a Virgo, but if I go after the 23rd, she'll be a Libra. I don't know how to *pick* a date because this will affect her astrological sign. I believe in astrology so...
At my son's preschool, all the mother's take turns making lunches. Well, next week is my turn and I have to make lentil soup for 35 three and four-year olds. (There is a set menu the parents follow). I have never made a meal for that many people. I usually only cook food for the 3 of us. I have no idea how to accomodate a recipe for that many kids! I'm also 37 weeks pregnant so I'm searching for an EASY yet delicious lentil recipe for 35 kids. I read the lentil thread,...
That is hilarioius, Pear-Shaped.! My family also freaks out when there's a tiny hint of rain or wind, but they think it's ok to ride in the back of a pick-up truck! Now that we've solved the coke problem (no more in the house), my husband has been giving our 3 year old coffee in the morning to 'warm up his tummy'..! HELP!
Quote: Do you want your (grand)son to die, or what?" It's as simple as that If I said that to my mom-in-law she would think that I was just overreacting...or say, "I'll hold him tight on my lap." The thing is, here, carseats are not common. This is gonna freak everyone out, but----I see drivers with their kids sitting on their laps ALL THE TIME. It scares the crap out of me, but there is seriously nothing I can do. The only thing i can do is keep...
I just read an intersting article from my hometown newspaper in Vancouver, BC. I hope I added the link correctly. Anyways, apparently a woman was told she could not b/f her child in public as this might upset some customers. She was told to go into the dressing room and nurse there. I"m glad she didn't do that, and instead is planning a public protest for the store. http://www.canada.com/theprovince/st...5-c6d0d2cee6ad
I was taught to always shake hands and ALWAYS have a firm grip. I remember being like 10 years old and shaking hands and everyone would say.....'my! what a firm grip you have!' I always felt so proud! haha
I'm having a planned C-section with my second baby. I already have an active 3 year old (is there any other kind?!) I remember the first c-section that when my hubby would go to work I would stay home just me and my son. It was hard getting up and moving around, but I did it. Now, I am worried about how i'm going to recover from surgery, take care of a newborn AND take care of a 3 year old. My hubby might be able to take a few days off from work, but we are not...
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