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My son does the same thing! When he touches something he knows is off limits, I just ignore him but keep a watchful eye. That usually gets him disinterested enough to play with something else
My son loves raisins. But, he doesn't chew them properly, I guess, so they don't get digested. They come out in the same shape as they came in! (sorry, tmi!) Is it safe for him to continue eating them? I know this sounds like the craziest question ever, but I am genuinely curious. Raisins or no raisins? Thanks!
Yes! And my son is 16 months old!
Back in the day, I had a few friends whose parents slept in different bedrooms or beds. I remember thinking "how awful!" Well, guess what? Me and my hubby do exactly that! We have a spare room and he sleeps there most nights and our son sleeps with me in our king size bed! For us, this is a good option. Our son wakes up every hour or 2 and there is no sense in both of us being kept awake. Besides, I breastfeed him to sleep, so daddy can't help calm him down back to...
My hubby doesn't brush as often as he should. So, the idea of using his brush is kinda gross! With that being said, I use his face razor to shave my legs, pits and bikini line...I don't think he knows (or would care, for that matter!)
Me again. Sometimes when he freaks out I put him in his bed for 1 minute until he calms down. That way he doesn't hurt himself. He is also a head-banger and bangs his head really hard soemtimes. I try to re-direct his attention to something or make him laugh. If this doesn't work, I simply ignore him! I mean, you can't reason with a toddler, right>!
My son is also named Roman and he too is a screamer! It actually hurts my ears coz his screams are so high-pitched! Whenever he screams I just calmly hold him and say, "please do not scream". Sometimes he listens, but mostly he does not! The only thing to do is keep your cool!
My son is almost 16 months old and has a bad habit of banging his head. Whenever he doesn't get his way (if I take away a dangerous item, or direct him to walk in another direction etc.) he gets down on the ground and bangs his head on the ground----very hard! Sometimes I can tell this gives his a headache or something coz he suddenly looks up and gets quiet...then starts screaming in pain!: He also does this at home on the tile floors.: But, for me, the worst is...
Quote: How are you handling it right now? I guess I get upset when my DS hits me or head butts me. I also don't like it when a stranger comes up to him and sweetly says, "hey little guy, how are you?" and he swats them in the face. People always make remarks like, "oh...someone's in a bad mood!" I know my son is a happy little guy. I appreciate your responses and realize now that my son doesn't mean to be mean. thanks
Some background: My son just turned 1 a few days ago. I live in Mexico. I'm a foreigner. Yesterday my Mexican husband was commenting to his SIL that we are still breastfeeding. My SIL wacked me in the arm and said, "Your STILL breastfeeding!! oh no! YOu have to stop!! at this age the milk is not beneficial anymore! What are you doing!" I retorted with a quick, "well, we are trying to wean, but he still wants milk so I think it is still good for him." I get a lot of...
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