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My just turned 1-yr old son has suddenly become very aggressive. He hits me, bites me, and has begun to hit anyone who comes near him. THis is very embarrasing when someone comes up and says; 'hey little cutie. how are you?" only to be greeted by furrowed eyebrows and a swat on the face!! I never hit him and do not know where he got this behavior from. It actually makes me sad when he swats his mommy on the face for barely no reason at all. He is such a darling little...
At around 9 months my son was afraid to touch the grass as well. Now he is 11 months old and has no problem with touching it or playing on it. I think your son will outgrow his fear when he is ready.
My 11 month old son has been itching his ear lately so we took him to the dr. We were told that he has swimmer's ear. The problem is that we are flying out of the country this week for a wedding. The doctor said it would be alright for DS to fly, but I am a little nervous. Does anyone know if it is safe to fly if you have swimmer's ear? thanks...(I don't always trust the doctor's advice. sorry)
We moved into a new house a few months ago, and for one reason or another our 10 month old son started spending half the night in our bed. He's always slept in our room in his own bed, but some time around 2am he cries, I b/f him and try to return him to his bed (which is about 20cm away from my bed!) At this time he stands up and cries until we lay him beside us. My main problem is that my DH moves around alot and this worries me. DH is a deep sleeper and always ends...
I was in a restaurant the other day and saw a little child about 2 years old with gorgeous long, curly hair up in a ponytail. I said to the mom, "how old is your little girl? She is so cute!" She looked at her child and said, "David, tell the lady `I am a boy. I am not a little girl.` Little David didn't say a word, but instead hid behind his mom's leg. "Oh, gosh! Sorry." I said. Just wondering if anyone has any opinions on having long, ponytailed hair on little...
My son is almost 10 mos. old and I was wondering if at this age he recognizes himself in the mirror. When we show him his reflection he reaches out for it and laughs, but we are not sure if he knows its him`or another baby. Anyone know this?
My son is 9 and a half months old and doesn't have teeth yet. It looks like his upper teeth are peeking through, though. Anyways, he has aquired the nasty habit of biting me and his father! He bites us on the nose and today when I was changing his shirt, he got upset and bit my hand! I never let him do it and always say "Do not bite me. It hurts" or something like that, but he gets this little grin on his face and keeps biting us. It doesn't hurt yet, but I don't want...
WEll, I guess my thread title tells it all! Does anyone else smell like sour milk all the time. It´s in my clothes and on my bras! I don´t want to walk around stinky like that, kwim? any ideas?
Our son has been using his paci to get to sleep. I am trying to find out how to wean him off it, though. He is almost 9 months old and I want him to learn to fall asleep without it. He screams and cries if he doesn´t have it to go to bed. I b-feed him but he wants his paci, too. I put him in his bed and he just stands himself up and hollers and cries until he gets his paci. Please help! How do I stop the paci habit once and for all!?
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