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: Happy dance for you both that things are calming down, and no NF, and no leukemia!
What about a subscription to one of the kids' magazines? DD gets Highlights for Kids (the preschool version of Highlights) and enjoys it. It is full of different kinds of stories. Not sure how much it is b/c my mom ordered it, but probably around $2/month. We also read several books at the bookstore each time we go to buy one. Lots of adults just go in to read, I notice! Why not the kids?
Thinking about you today with well wishes!
In the case of our DCs, early language skills did not even out. They turned into early reading for our DS, and very proficient reading/spelling/vocabulary. And great skills at arguing as we approach the tween years, LOL.
I agree with what sbgrace said. When DD was dx'd, they started treatment immediately. The fact that he's so relaxed after seeing the CBC seems to be good news. I notice in my DD's labwork that a high fever (from virus, whatever) will increase WBC.
Hasn't been a problem here. Good luck!
Quote: Originally Posted by HeatherB carmel, do I read that correctly that both your DH and you are lefties? I'm pretty sure that accounts for both of your DC being lefties, as well, as it's a recessive trait and therefore having two parents with it means you both have BOTH of the genes. Of course that is likely a vast simplification, but it's how I've understood it. (And it still explains how it is that I have blonde children when my family of origin...
It takes me several days for things to get back to "normal." I spend that time unpacking and cleaning up the house, making it "mine" again. It does take several days.
Giant hugs. We've been through a lot of med stuff at this point, but looking back, the seizures were the worst experience to date. I hope there will be quick, positive answers from the tests.
My daughter was a little older when she got hers... almost 4 years, but she loves it. She remembers the pokes before the port, and having the port is sooo much easier. She calls it her "button" and we talk all the time about how much we love it.
New Posts  All Forums: